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No Mother's Day for My Mother
No Mother's Day for My Mother

My mother
Was an original
One of a kind person

There was a world
according to Mary
And that was that

Once when I was a child
I bought her a Mother’s Day gift

She said

Don’t be fooled by corporations.
Mother’s Day and Father’s Days
Are nothing but a scam to get you
To buy things

It is all a big corporate scam
Don’t buy into the scam
So please no more
Mother’s Day gifts
For me

Same thing with Halloween,
Valentine’s day
Easter, And birthdays”.

Christmas is different
as is Thanksgiving
and we did have a traditional feast
on those days
a big traditional Southern style
Turkey feast
With all the trimmings

and we did treat or treating
on Halloween
even though she thought,

that holiday
was a scam
by the big candy companies.

From that point on
I never bought her
A Mother’s Day gift

But I did call her
On Mother’s Day

She said
I should call anytime
For every day
Is Mother’s Day for her.

She said,
“I don’t need
any corporate BS holiday”.

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