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Humans have their own unique sense of style, even when they're toddlers.
Larry and Maureen extended their arms as far as they could, crouched and ready for action. Their quarry stared up at them with huge eyes, recognizing the trap.

We have you surrounded,” Larry said.

The toddler squealed and bare butt cheeks flashed by. The child dove under their arms and fled down the hall.

“Got any other great plans?” Maureen wanted to know.

“She’s two. How hard can this be?”

She raised an eyebrow and gestured her hands down the hall. “We’ve been trying to convince her to stay clothed for a half an hour now. She’s still naked. I would say we’re losing.”

Larry scratched his graying beard, trying to come up with some method of getting their granddaughter to cooperate. His gray eyes lit up. “I’ve got it.”

His wife crossed her arms over her chest, doubt written all over her lovely face.

“No, really. Watch, it’s gonna be magic.” He cupped his hands to his lips. “Ginnie, since you won’t get dressed, it’s bath time.”

“No! No!” The young nudist streaked out of their bedroom, running for her guest quarters. “I get dwessed.”

A grin spread Larry’s cheeks. It was his turn to gesture down the hall, and gloat.

“I weady.” Ginnie said a few minutes later.

Maureen covered her mouth to smother the giggle, which made him turn slowly.

He took in the feather boa crisscrossed over her chest, the sheer tutu slip for under her dresses, the movie star sunglasses and the too big Tiana high heels. She even carried a purse with barbie feet sticking out of it.

“Aw boy. Think this one might be hard to explain to your mom.”

“I pwetty,” she curtsied and he nodded, trying to figure out his next grand plan.

He had nothing.

Toddler Fashion - 1/ Grandparents - Zilch

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