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Rated: 18+ · Novella · Fanfiction · #2295707
My LOTR romance fanfiction. Glorfindel x female OC. Hurt/comfort. Slow build. Happy ending
Glorfindel had a study room; an office slash meeting room of the sort, where he usually did his administrative works, writing and replying to letters, reviewing reports, or discussing strategies with his comrades.

Glorfindel had agreed to Mila's proposition to keep their relationship secret to entertain her ideas of prolonging the twins' misery. Hence she found herself lounging on the chair across from him, not doing her usual day job for the twins.

Mila stole a glance towards Glorfindel as he sat on his desk when he was not looking. His neat brows were furrowed together in focus as he read the piles of reports and letters in front of him one by one, stopping once in a while to take a quill and dipped the tip in the ink before writing his replies.

He was dressed in simple yet elegant white, elven tunic that accentuated the muscles on his broad shoulders and arms. The golden threads that was his hair sat neatly on his chest, glimmering slightly as they reflected the sunlight that passed through the blinds in his study.

Now the elf sighed to himself at something that he read. Mila noted his inviting shapely lips and remembered the way those lips easily took her breath away. How the same lips both comforted her and sent her body aching in ways that Mila had never felt before.

She rested her elbow on the table and put her chin on her hand as she feasted her eyes on the ethereal yet manly creature before her. Mila still couldn't understand how someone like him could love her. She appreciated with her eyes how exquisite and masculine his jaws were; how his strong cheekbones seemed to catch both light and shadow in his favor, giving his already destructive handsome face an air of mystery about him. His lashes were long, slightly darker than his hair, casting wispy shadow on the flawless skin of his cheek. His nose was shaped perfectly; she remembered how she shivered when he teased her neck with the tip of his nose alone.

As if feeling eyes on him, the golden warrior looked up and his lover blue eyes met her dark ones. Mila averted her gaze and pretended to look at the ceiling of his study, as if admiring the elvish design engravings on it.


His voice always seemed like it was dripping with honey when he called her name. When her eyes found his, Glorfindel was already putting down his quill and had a rather charming smile on his face when he studied Mila's face.

"This must be boring to you," Glorfindel said with amusement on his handsome face, "Watching me."

"Yes. Very. You're so serious and quiet and stoic when you work," Mila pointed out teasingly, "You remind me of a character in a book that I used to read. He's this..." the mortal woman gestured dramatically with her hands as she began describing the main character of a romance book she once read, "...filthy rich businessman who is extremely smart, good looking. He exudes control, he's a perfectionist, he's commanding, and he has a very intimidating gaze and people fear him. Like, they cower, if he's so much as showing a small sign of unhappiness on his face."

Glorfindel watched with an elegant smile as Mila talked animatedly. He loved it when she got like this-so bubbly and effervescent. He felt her vibrant, lively energy breaking through the emptiness and the quiet in the room that he had spent centuries in. The old room they were in had never had such happy and light atmosphere until Mila stepped foot in it.

"Well, no one can be a leader if they don't have those characters," he commented lightly, "I'm flattered that you find me good looking. But am I intimidating to you?"

Mila smiled, playful mirth gleamed in her eyes. "No."

"Good. Because I never want you to cower from me."

Unless when you are being naughty, he thought to himself with a smile, before picking up his quill and resumed his writing earlier.

Mila continued her babbling. "I know. You've always been so sweet with me. But I've seen your work face, Glorfindel. You make people tremble," she said with exaggeration on her tone. Mila let the tips of her fingers hover above random papers on the table, peeking at it curiously before moving on to a next interesting thing she could find around Glorfindel's table, "Like you know, I see people that don't know you internally sweating when they meet your eyes when you're not smiling," Mila chuckled, "Like those ellyn you stared down during the Winter Solstice. Now I know why after you come to talk to me, no one bothered to ask for my blessing."

"I am the captain of the guard and Elrond's right hand, Mila. People depend on me to be a stable figure. Sometimes I do have to make people nervous to get what I want," he said with a neutral tone, "Besides I hate it when I saw you kissing those ellyn during the Winter Solstice celebration."

Mila bit her smile. "Were you jealous?"

"At the time, I just wanted to protect you from stupid ellyn trying to take advantage of you," he answered as he wrote with his quill.

"Oh." Mila pouted in slight disappointment at his answer as she studied him. She never could write and talk about a different thing at the same time. The fact that Glorfindel did with such ease proved that he was indeed a very intelligent elf.

"Now that we're talking about it," he began, his focus still on the paper in front of him as he spoke, "I'm hoping your plan to prank the pranksters back doesn't last long until the next Winter Solstice celebration. I want everyone to know that I am courting you, because next time around I will not let any stranger ask for your blessings."

Mila snickered happily. "Aww, so you were jealous."

A small smile pulled at his perfectly shaped lips as he tilted his head. "Maybe a little."

"How many ellyn I wonder that I could've kissed that night had you not come to me?" Mila baited teasingly.

"At least eight of them throughout the time I was with you," Glorfindel answered flatly, "Other than those eight, they know who I was and wisely chose not to try."

"You counted?" Mila asked with surprise in her tone.

"I did," Glorfindel said with a soft chuckle as he continued his work.

"Your expression was scary, Glorfindel. You even scared Tamin who just wanted to ask for the direction to the alcohol," she reminisced.

"He was about to ask for your blessing, but changed his mind when he recognized me."

"Yeah your expression was dark. It's scary."

Glorfindel smirked now in amusement at the memory. "Worry not, Mila. I will never directed such expression at you."

"Even when I make you angry?"


"Even when I..." she pulled the paper in front of him away, "...annoy you?"

"Yes," he said with an amused smile when he realized what the little woman was doing, "Give it back, little one. I'm working."

Mila ignored the elf, then began reading the paper that she stole from Glorfindel nonchalantly, teasing him. "...The negotiation with the merchant from Gondor was stale. Despite our offer, he refused to comply with our new tax regulation. Instead, he proposed for an exclusive rights to supply barley to Rivendell, and when we declined and cut the deals off, he fell over and die due to sudden heart attack-"

Mila laughed at the last part of the report. "This is so silly."

"I did tell them to write everything they saw," he said with a chuckle, his hand stretched to her as he got up from his chair, "Give it back, Mila. I have to write my review on that sad situation you are laughing at."

"I'm not done reading," she chirped, forcing Glorfindel to get out of his desk just to retrieve the document.

"Don't make me repeat myself, Mila," he warned with playfulness in his azure blue eyes.

She hummed. "Whoa. You sound just like the businessman I was talking about. So bossy."

Mila was about to escape, but the elf was much faster that he had her pinned between him and the desk.

"I don't think..." Being much taller than her, he was able to steal the paper back from her grasp, "...I can have anything done with you around, Mila. You destabilizes me," he said with feigned annoyed look on his face, putting away the document, safe from Mila's sticky hands. He continued. "Now, my wild flower, have you come here just to tease me? Seduce me away from my work?"

Mila's heart pattered inside her chest at the nickname he gave her and the way he stood so close to her. "What if I am?" she challenged him, though not being able to hide her blush.

"Well, that's very bad, Mila. I think I have to give you a lesson not to steal or laugh at my reports," he said, studying her with his captivating blue eyes, as if pondering what kind of punishment he should give her.

Mila found that she liked annoying the rather stoic elf. She tilted her head sideways, her expression smug, mocking him like a brat child.

"So rude," Glorfindel commented as he inched closer to her. He cupped her face, making her giggle–a delightful sound to his ears. He pecked her lips softly, then gave a hum, before pressing his lips back on hers. His voice was husky as he murmured to her lips. "I ought to punish you."

Mila's breaths quickened in excitement; his words beguiled her. The way he gazed at her made her feel as if she was his most prized possession in the world. As if she was most beautiful, and at the time, seeing the longing in his eyes–Mila believed it.

"I love you, Glorfindel."

Her soft spoken words took him by surprise. He stood frozen in his place as he beheld his little human's beautiful face in his palm. Glorfindel could not remember the last time anyone told him that they loved him, and if there was one, it would be his beloved mother whose face he could not remember anymore, for she had been gone for more than seven thousands years ago; forgotten by the world.

Mila placed her delicate hands on his chest as she waited patiently for his response. The way she slid those hands down his stomach, the way she made his heart burst with such sense of peace...

He realized then that he had never known love until he met her.

As soon as Mila let him know how she felt for him, his usually composed, guarded eyes suddenly became open. Honest. She saw not only love in those jeweled blue eyes, but also loneliness, and grief–an ancient one.

The pain in those clean eyes constricted her heart. How long had he endure that size of an unspeakable heartbreak? How did he survive?

"I..." Glorfindel trailed, his voice failed him.

Hold me, please.

She didn't know if she really did heard that, as if he was telling her that himself without words. Mila didn't have a chance to dwell on it long, for she had already thrown herself to him, holding him tightly as he clung to her smaller form as if his life depended on it.

Don't let me go, Mila, she heard again.

Glorfindel buried his face at the nape of her neck, his hot breath brushing gently at her sensitive skin.

Please don't ever let me go.

"I'm never letting you go again," she murmured, her voice cracked with deep empathy for her beloved.

Glorfindel removed himself from her neck to study her face; his expression a mixture of wonder and deep affection.


Words failed him again, yet it didn't stop Glorfindel from showing her. He kissed her long and hard, desperate. His hands traced her back and side, feeling her delicate body under her silken dress. Passion flared in his veins as she returned his kisses with as much need as he.

It was barely registered to Mila when Glorfindel had lifted her, that she found herself perched on top of his desk. She just knew how his kisses made her stomach fluttered inside her; how her body shivered with the way his hands caressed the outline of her body. How her heart thrummed in her chest from the way he held her.

Completely at his mercy, Glorfindel took his time with her, letting his hands explored the frame of her lush body, reveling on her softness as she graced him with the sweetest yet heated kisses from her lips. He marveled at how exquisite his hand felt as he caressed the skin on her arms. Her waist. Her hips. How she felt just right and perfect in his arms.

His kisses slowly turned sloppy, tainted with urgency and desire as their tongue touched, tasting each other. Both lovers breathed raggedly, madly in love with each other's everything. Their touches. Their bodies. Their souls.

Mila breathed noisily when they broke their kiss for air, her head lolled back in pleasure as she felt Glorfindel kissing the length of her neck. The passion he ignited spread across her form, concentrating on her lower abdomen. The ache between her legs thundered, jolting her, as she felt his dangerous lips kissing the swell on top of her breast.

She didn't know how her sleeves had fell down her arm, exposing the top skin of her chest to his ravishing mouth. She didn't remember when she had spread her legs and pressed him flat against her body. All she knew was that her head was swimming with need for him, and that he was the only one who could ease her bodily ache.

Mila moaned softly when she felt his arousal between her legs. Instinctively she held on to him for dear life, writhing as she silently begged him to take her.

Glorfindel, being in a similar drunken state as her, had lost himself as he ravished her honey skin with his lips and tongue. The little sultry sound she made sent heat straight towards his lower abdomen, making him blind with desire.

He wanted her here. Right now. On this table.

Mila writhed pitifully when he grabbed her neck and kisses her sweet spot that he found earlier, her head tilted sideways. Her dark eyes were lidded when the view of the door entered her vision. It only sobered her a little, but enough for her to think through the haze of desire in her mind.

"Stop," she breathed, her voice sultry and inviting. So inviting, that Glorfindel wasn't able to understand her word.

When Mila gently pried him away from the skin of her bare neck, only then the elf's sanity began to return to him, and he saw the result of his lack of self restrain.

Mila was perched on his desk, his reports abandoned and scattered on the floor. She watched him through heavy lidded eyes, her long dark hair unbound and mussed by his hands. In the heat of the moment he had pushed the top part of her dress down, exposing her alluring, bare honey skin and the swell of her upper breasts to him. Her flawless legs were laid bare for him to see as the lower part of her dress he had pushed up towards her upper thighs.

Despite the sensual view of his sweet Mila before him, and the way she still stared at him with desire in her eyes, Glorfindel shook himself inwardly. The elf brought his hand up to massage his temple.

He didn't know how to fix this. He was out of line.

"Mila... I'm–"

"Lock the door."

Glorfindel looked at her with utter bewilderment with his still darkened eyes. When he didn't move, Mila grasped at his tunic, forcing him closer to her. Her voice was low, seducing him with promises of the unbecoming things he could've done to her.

"Lock the door. Then marry me."

Glorfindel's head was spinning. He felt as if the world had turned upside down. She had turned his world upside down. He had no strength left in him. He couldn't and didn't want to refuse her–he wanted her too much. Besides, how could anyone say no before such a beguiling creature perching at his desk?

Glorfindel went to the door and locked it, making sure no one would be able to enter. When he walked back to her, she welcomed him with an open arms, sweetly parting her legs so he could press himself to her.

As they embraced, the very air at the atmosphere seemed to buzz with their want and hunger for each other. Glorfindel let out a low groan of pleasure when he felt her nibbling on his sensitive ear, his whole body tense with insatiable need for her.

"Take me," she beckoned in invitation to his ear, "Make me yours."


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