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Rated: E · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2295709
Will the Delta Team find her before the Islamic Guard?
"I'm not bailing out over downtown Baghdad!" Lieutenant Brown shouted into her radio.
Tracers tore through the sky a few miles ahead. The squadron had just made it through one barrage, and soon it was in the middle of another one. A low rumble from the bombs came a brief second after each flash. The A10's looked like ghostly shadows in the night.
"Lieutenant Brown, your plane is shot to hell. If you don't bail out you will be part of the wreckage when your plane hits the ground!" Captain Anderson shouted back.
"What do you think the Islamic Guard does to female prisoners?" Lieutenant Brown shouted into her radio.
"We will send a Delta Team after you! Now get out of that plane! That's an order!" Captain Anderson bellowed.
"One way or another you are going to see a dead girl on the ground," Lieutenant Brown shouted.
The Lieutenant jettisoned herself from her A10 jet aircraft, praying she would not get taken as an enemy prisoner. As her chute opened her heart hammered in her chest and her breath felt like hot sand in her lungs. She peered downwards, searching for the dark forms of enemy soldiers. It seemed like she was in a vacant part of Baghdad. She was grateful for the dark. Maybe the enemy would be too preoccupied to notice her. Her feet hit the ground, and she collapsed her chute. It looked like things were going her way, but it would take a miracle for her to get out of this.

"Boys, we got a hot one," Lt. Davis said as he entered the briefing room.
"Good! We're going to see some action," Sgt. Butler shouted.
"Settle down. This one is tricky," Lt. Davis said.
"They're all tricky," Sgt. Butler commented.
"Shut up and listen! A female pilot was shot down over Baghdad. We're trying to get a better fix on her location. We have stealth drones searching the area, and we're trying to find out exactly where she is. We will go in by helicopter. That is the best operations order I can give you. We are under intense time pressure, so get your gear in order as quickly as possible. We are going to go in as soon as we get a good fix on her location," Sgt. Davis stated.
"You mean we're doing all this for a girl?" Sgt. Butler queried.
"Butler, one more word from you and I will get you kicked out of Delta Force," Lt. Davis snarled.
Sgt. Butler remained silent.

Lt. Brown checked out her surroundings the best she could as she gathered her parachute into her arms. She was eternally grateful that it was camouflaged in dark green and black patterns, and not solid white. Her breaths felt like a blast furnace going into her lungs. She hurried with her load to a dark shadow cast by a non-descript building that seemed lifeless and deserted. She listened for any tell tale sounds like the engine of a jeep or the metal tracks of an armored vehicle. Then she heard something that stopped her cold. Someone was speaking loudly in a language foreign to her! She froze.
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