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A poem about the life of a writer.
Madness on the page, a writer's curse
As words flow out, thoughts become worse
The ink spills like blood, staining the white
As sanity slips away into the night

Characters come alive, demanding control
Their stories unfolding, taking their toll
The writer's mind a chaotic place
As the page becomes their only space

The plot twists and turns, like a maze
As the writer descends into a literary craze
Words become weapons, the pen the tool
As the madness takes hold, like a fool

Yet, in the midst of this literary chaos
A masterpiece is born, a work of great applause
For in the madness, there lies a beauty
A story told with passion, a writer's duty

So let the madness flow, the words inspire
For in the end, it's the story we desire
A tale of love, of loss, of life and death
A masterpiece born of the writer's literary breath.
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