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What killer android thingy?
Tasha and Matt ducked behind a boulder as the bomb exploded. Tasha grabbed Matt’s shoulders and shook him violently. “What the hell is going on?!”

He stiffened his body so he could stop the girl from shaking him further and raised his palm. “Everything is fine, Tasha. This is all part of my plan.”

A tremor shook the ground when another explosion went off. Only this time, an enormous droid emerged from the smoke and ash. It stated in a mechanical tone, “INTRUDER ALERT. KILL ON SITE.”

Tasha glared at the guy next to her. “THIS is a part of your PLAN?!”

Matt grimaced and peeked his head above the rock. The giant android was scanning the surroundings for any sign of life or movement. He sank back down and faced his partner with unconvinced eyes. “Yes?”

The ground shook violently as the robot began launching grenades at anything that looked like any valuable hiding place. “INTRUDER ALERT. KILL ON SITE.”

Matt stood up and pulled Tasha with him. “I change my mind! This isn’t part of the plan! RUN!”

The two ran through the forest like there was no tomorrow until the droid could no longer be heard.
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