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A poem about overcoming trauma.
Trauma, a wound that runs so deep,
A scar that's hidden, yet it seeps,
Into every aspect of our life,
Causing pain and endless strife.

It's the weight we carry on our shoulders,
The memories that make us feel much older,
It's the fear that grips us in the night,
The darkness that steals away our light.

Trauma can come in many forms,
A storm that rages and never calms,
A wound that never seems to heal,
A pain that we can never feel.

But though the journey may be tough,
And the road ahead may seem rough,
There is hope for those who seek,
A chance to heal and feel less weak.

So let us face our trauma head on,
And with each step, become more strong,
For in time, we can find peace,
And from our pain, we can release.
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