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true stories of real stuff that actually happened at my school. names have changed, though

to set the stage, if you will:

EMMA: junior, reputation took a real plunge this year
ERIE: junior, known from the last year as kind of a hoe
BRAD: junior, new this year, picture a steriotypical racist/sexist/etc man that is a 3/10 at best
JACK: junior, great guy really, deserved better, has redeemable qualities
MARTY: senior, actor supreme
CORA: junior, also a very good actress
HOPE: junior, unbeleivably pretty, joined the school in the middle of the year last year
ROSIE: junior, HOPE's best friend, karen smith type
ALISTAIR: junior, think a puppy in human form, monster strength, heart of gold, i love him
KEITH: sophomore, likes older women
LEE: senior, brother of PAUL, probably (100%) does drugs, absolute madlad, hes chill though
MADISON: senior, absolute saint


last year:

erie and her long distance boyfriend get together, emma and jack get together, lee and madison get together, hope and alistair get together, marty and cora get together, hope and alistair get together, and THE DRESS BURNING INCIDENT* happens

this year:

hoco arc: emma and jack break up because jack got mad at emma because she was hanging around with a bunch of guys instead of going on a date with him. note: these guys were interested in her. emma thought jack was overreacting and she broke up with him. there is probably more to this breakup other than that, but that’s the catalyst.
erie and her long distance bf break up, and since erie likes male attention she turned her sight towards brad. so, she and brad had a thing going on. but, then she found out that brad was very sexist. and so, they had some tensions going on. so brad felt like he could start to collect some women on the side and decided to get with....guess who? that’s right, emma. the week right after her and jack broke up, i might add.
then, erie gets wind of this and is very, VERY mad, so she officially breaks up with brad and cancels their date to hoco together. brad really doesn’t care and simply goes with emma, which makes jack sad as he still wasn’t over the breakup. (note: i’m not sure of the whole breakup incident, but i do know that jack did overreact, although he didn’t deserve to be with a girl like emma.)
so then hoco came and went with no major incidents. well. except, marty fainted in the middle of the dance floor. anyway, emma and brad eventually kind of fizzled out. but emma was far from done. she had a new target in mind. keith.

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