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A man loses his sanity, as he’s taunted by a strange sound in the walls.
In the quiet of his room,
The man heard a sound so strange
A scratching in the walls,
A noise that made him deranged.

At first, he tried to ignore
The eerie sound that wouldn't go
But day by day, it grew louder
And his sanity began to slow.

He pressed his ear to the wall
To try and make sense of the sound
But it only echoed louder
Till his mind was tightly wound.

He thought of rats or bugs
That might be crawling in the walls
But the sound was too human-like
And it echoed through the halls.

The man began to lose his grip
As the sound tormented his soul
He couldn't sleep, he couldn't eat
And his mind was losing control.

He talked to friends and doctors
To try and find a way to cope
But the sound was always present
And it filled him with a sense of hopelessness and nope.

The man began to see things
That weren't there before
Shadows in the corners
And creatures on the floor.

He knew he was losing his mind
But he couldn't stop the sound
It was driving him to madness
And his sanity was outbound.

One day, the man snapped
And he tore apart the walls
But he found nothing there
And he knew he'd lost it all.

The sound had driven him insane
And he couldn't take it anymore
He lay down on the floor
And he knew he'd lost the war.

The sound continued to taunt
Even as he lay there dead
And the walls echoed the sound
As the man's mind was finally shed.
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