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Words on the search for light in the darkness of the past.
Terror from the past enfeebles the mind
Storm clouds in the distance grow tall
Wheat fields flash by out the window
Knuckles white on the wheel
Speeding off from the past
Straining not to look back
The past is past is past, isn't it?

Terror from the unknown ahead
Clouds hiding the next day
Or some opportunities for joy
Getting under its uneasy shade
Trees swaying, branches break
Power lines whipping lesions into lawns

Our memories are powerful
They terrorize and tranquilize
From a wink, to a nod
Shaking hands at odds
Instantly reliving the terror
No interceding with misery

Keep that grip on the whip
Driving into that dark unknown
Faster and faster, leveling the gas
This too shall clear and be a memory

The past may never leave
And the future may never come
Driving into the darkness
Look for the light, silver lining

The quickest way through a storm
Is to go straight through it
Just as night is followed by day
The rain will give way to rays
But eternal darkness waits for us all
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