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Mommy and daughter get ready for their first High Tea.
High Tea with Mommy
WC 298

So you want to know about five-year-old girls. Well, I just happen to have one: blond, curly hair and dimples to die for.

Samantha is my third child, so I know all the tricks of a five-year-old and am ready for them. Anything dangerous is tucked away, up high. I learned that trick during my apprenticeship with her two older brothers, Tim, and Tom (twins).

Raising a girl seems effortless compared to corralling a boy—well, two boys simultaneously. She’s adventurous but does nothing crazy like jumping from the garage roof. She hasn’t even broken a bone yet.

She plays ‘make-up’ and ‘dress-up’ in the master bedroom, but only when I allow. Samantha has never broken that rule. I am ready for anything though, because of my personal experience with the twins, but so far so good.

A day in the life?

Well, yesterday, while the boys were at soccer practice with their dad, Samantha and I were getting dressed up to go to an authentic English Tea at the local tea shop. She might be a tad young, but doing this has been my dream forever.

“Honey, are you dressed?” I asked. “Do you need Mommy to help you? We don’t want to be late.”

She’s very independent; that’s a good trait. Right?

So, I opened the bathroom door to check her progress. My little darling was chopping off her hair with the scissors I keep hidden in the medicine cabinet; piles of blond curls filled the sink.

What did you do to your hair?” I asked calmly as I removed the scissors from her tiny hand.

“I want to look like Timmy and Tommy.”

Did we go to High Tea anyway, you ask?

Of course. Hats are required at High Tea, and hair does grow back.
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