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The bravery is a test - the enemy is so superiorly armed and evil - a Memorial Day poem
Wars differ in public definition
And preternatural scope -
These identities become loathsome
And truly harmful in vile austerity;
As we lean on these bridges
To decades long abuses
For a cleansing vacuum,
The trust we develop in our everlasting truth
Is duly and fatally tested;
Our families distinctly favored
And honored our profoundly
Cherished and freedom-seeking rationale;
And we realize that a U-turn executed
Correctly is a bonafide nostalgia
That most will almost surely never see
But demonstrably entertain
Due to the enemies’ incessant
That a plus fervor is a pride
And a predictable relevance
Of the Holy Son from the Father;
And that this Saint on Memorial Day -
Those caring, trusting, valorous,
And incapable escalations
Of brave men and women
Must find that the liquidated straps
And ubiquitous forthcomings
Are from the profusely round
And insurmountable shoulders
Of a true professional,
And an artisan of a democratic system
Of government’s faith
In its instinctive and opinionated standpoints.
Stay steadfast and brave,
Noble and pledged warriors:
The vacuum of absolutism,
Totalitarianism, and autocracy
Has established an evil purpose
Which America and other democracies
Have pledged to battle and extinguish,
And will forever attempt to,
Despite the vile and deeply
Tragic and thriving, brutal intensity
Of this potent, hellish crud!!

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