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A nineteenth-century traveler narrates his escapade with a Sea Monster
I held a pole, powerless though it were to steer my raft the storm-stricken, one-fourth mile to the island...my hollers were lost to the winds while my hair stuck to my skin. In desperation to outlive this insular void, I dug my pole into the water deep, striking something; with a craven slip of my stomach, I felt what was not the seabed swell; I released the pole and watched for the Sea Monster.

Shame that It did not rise in a hump of water, on a crest of wave that might have swept me ashore. Rather, Its arching neck rippled the water, which I thought foolish; had I a weapon, I could have lopped off half Its neck. Though, would It have had death throes? Frothing blood in the stump of a Sea Monster's neck, attracting ever largely predators in a deathly wake...

I seized the loosely coiled wire from the base of the mast, casting it over the Sea Monster as a frontward rein; I yanked as anyone would a garrote, but was lofted into the heady rain. Vicious pulsations of the Sea Monster's neck gave me momentum to swing mightily around Its neck, albeit downward. I may have flayed It of a few scales, but it is my foremost opinion that I but spiraled like the trajectory ridge of a screw. From a self-inflicted whiplash of the Sea Monster, my head galled my hands into releasing the garrote; thus, I happened upon the island's atmosphere in a path of flight. I had my eyes rolled back towards It, which was a mistake; I feared It would snap It's mouth on me while I was in midair; my heart imploded as it was.

I remember distinctly that the sun broke through here; I tumbled into the weathered-green of a palm tree, scaling down its bark until I collapsed at its bottom, sobbing from relief. With my fists in my eyes I heard It thunderclap Its flippers, storming droplets that swarmed the ocean. A horror stifled me that the Sea Monster be attempting to shore: had I driven It such rage? Indeed, when I looked, I witnessed the fearsome ice-berg-proportioned torso of the Sea Monster elongated by Its whole body so that Its tail--corpus bones!-- finished as gradually and as slimly so as to appear as a river flower's stem submerged in the Egyptian Nile.

Its flippers terrible upon the beach's breakers, Its bellows became painfilled as Its voluminous stomach was scathed by the rocks. Its blood streaked the surf, so that It looked dismayed upon this 'prey's signature'; I witnessed a miracle--else how could I believe this?--as the Sea Monster silently arched Its neck backwards Its full length, dipping Its head into the water but a few miles from Its tails end. In following, Its entire form submerged; I waited with a stitch in my heart for Its tail to whiplash the island.

But there is nothing...nothing, I don't think...I don't think. Yet, I sweat as I look upon the waters, clasping my sides that ache so from shaking on this beautiful island.
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