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A familiar old feeling of fresh excitement. Spring is here!


Grow forth, pop out,
Don't be shy!

Creatures on legs and roots both,
It's time to spring out,
Like time and time again,
Never less exciting.

Familiar feeling of excitement;
Familiar sight of brand new life!

In a neovetus world,
Neoveterans, big and small stretch towards the Sun, proudly presenting this spring's form.


Part of speech: adjective
Type and origin: combination of the two latin words neo (english: new) and vetus (english:old).
Definition: Having qualities of being old and new at the same time, for instance by renewal of previously existing structures .
Sentence usage: The tree stood proudly in new foliage, a neovetus sight in springtime.

Part of speech: noun
Type and origin: combination of the latin/english words neo and veteran.
Definition: object (concrete or abstract) that has both old and new qualities. Neovetus object (see def. of neovetus above).
Sentence usage: The oak tree became a neoveteran each spring, all dressed up in new yet familiar foliage.

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