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Writer's Cramp Submission
Hot glue fused the white, foamboard walls of my tenaciously constructed model house. With my X-Acto knife, I artlessly pockmarked while leveling the interior of a scrappy windowsill--this windowsill was but a rectangular gap in a wall. A tap of my fingertip stuck to it a rectangle of thin plastic; this I maneuvered, with one hand inside the interior of my model house, to cover the gap and, I hoped, to allow for the plastic's disfigured edges to be glued down. No sooner had I glued my window in place than I blanched to see that its left, bottom corner was shorn too short, and so allowed for a misshapen hole...besides this, clumsy handling had left my window a rivulet of creases.

I rolled out red cellophane tape to cut out a square; from this square I scissored clean-cut shards. My hands again inside the interior of my model house, I pressured a cellophane piece upon the left, top corner of the window.

From a roll of amber-colored cellophane tape I obtained a handful of desirable flakes: these I pressured upon my window, to cover my window , eventually alternating between the red and the amber...

For good measure I backed this layer of cellophane with another rectangular piece of plastic; then, I surveyed the effect.
My house-modeling skills were in progress, but my cellophane-plastic really was a model for stained-glass.
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