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What is her father doing riding down the freeway on his lawnmower?
word count: 469

“Look at that fool riding down the freeway berm on that old lawnmower with that huge flag flapping in the breeze, Jeremy.”

“Is that Grandpa?”

“What? No. Is it? Is that your grandfather? Oh my god.”

“Yeah Mom, I think you better pull over.”

“Can I get out too?”

“No, stay in the truck.”

“I’m feeling a bit like ‘Frogger’ here trying to get my door open with all of these cars that just keep coming. You’d think they’d get into the other lane or at least slow down.”

“Okay, I’ve got a break. You stay here, Jeremy.”

“Dad, cut the engine.”



“What are you doing out here, Lydia?”

“What am I doing out here? What are you doing out here, Dad, on the freeway, on your old lawnmower, dressed only in your boxers and backpack? And, look at you. You’re all red. This sun is too brutal to be exposed like this, half naked with no shade.”

“First of all, I’m not wearing boxers. This is my red, white, and blue swimsuit for Memorial Day.”

“But, do you need to be dripping with patriotism looking like the Arlington National donning all of the flags at the cemetery? I mean, really dad, look at this huge thing you have anchored to the back of your seat. It’s quite tacky and a distraction.”

“Lydia, I’m ashamed of you. Your father is a veteran. I fought for freedom, and all of those guys that lost their lives fought for your freedom. So, it doesn’t matter what you or anyone thinks of my flag. I’m free to sport it. If they are distracted by my flag then they don’t need to be driving.”

“Okay, alright, you’re right. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Dad. But it’s dangerous to be riding out here like this. Where are you going? Didn’t you think to put sunscreen on?”

“I got sunscreen in my backpack, and I’m going to your neighborhood pool party.”

“The party isn’t until tomorrow. I was going to come get you.”

“Daggnabbit, that explains why you didn’t show up.”

“Here, let’s put some of your sunscreen on, and I'll call Herman to pick up your ride. I can’t get it in my truck. He has the ramp. I’m taking you to the house. You can stay with us tonight…. Um, Dad, you don’t have sunscreen in here. I only see a can of bug spray and a cassette with your handwriting on it that says, ‘Summer Playlist.’”

“Yes, it’s in there. I brought both sunscreen and bug spray.”

“I’m only seeing bug spray, Dad.”

‘Hmm, well, you’ll see that I don’t have a bug bite on me anywhere.”

“Okay, let’s get you in the truck with Jeremy, and I’ll call my husband to get your mower.”

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