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A death bed confession creates turmoil in a young man's life.
Oliver held his Mama's hand. He could feel her slipping away. She pulled away from him and turned her head to the side. When she spoke her voice revealed how weak she really was.

"Oliver, I have kept something hidden from you all these years, please forgive me."

Oliver took her hand again and held it tightly, "You're forgiven."

"Oh Oliver I wish it was that simple. Open the drawer on the nightstand. You see that black pouch, open it."

Oliver did as his Mama requested and a coin slipped out and into his hand. Staring at it, curious of its importance at a time like this.

"What is this?"

She took the coin.

"it is the greatest gift and at the same time the worst nightmare. You know how I told you your father died in the war. Well that is true, but what you don't know is that I wasn't pregnant when he died and I was very depressed, to the point that I no longer wanted to live. I went to the Crosstown bridge and was ready to jump to my death when a stranger approached me and handed me this coin. She said this coin will grant you one wish, but be careful what you wish for."

Mama you didn't believe her did you? "

"Oliver I was desperate and was ready to believe anything. So I made my wish right there on the bridge, but nothing happened. Then a car passing by me honked their horn and it scared me and I ran off the bridge and walked home because the moment had passed and I no longer felt that dying was the answer. When I got home it was late, so I got ready for bed. I was exhausted and quickly fell asleep. In the middle of the night I woke up and at first fear came over me because I could smell cologne and it wasn't just any cologne, it was my husband's. I put my glasses on and set up in bed and there he was. I wished for him to return and he had. We made love that night and you were conceived. What I didn't realize at the time was he was a ghost. I had made love to a ghost!"

Oliver put his hand to his Mama's forehead checking to see if she was running a fever. She pushed his hand away.

" Oliver I'm not delirious or crazy. This is why I never told you or anyone else about this. You have got to believe me."

"Mama, I don't understand why I need to forgive you?"

"Oliver whenever you make a deal with the unknown forces of the spiritual world there are always consequences. Mine I found out was that your father would never leave me. He has been here all these years. I never mentioned it because I didn't want to screw you up."

"You mean he is here right now!" But she didn't answer. Oliver checked for a pulse. There wasn't one. She had passed. He wept while holding the coin tightly and mumbled, "I wish you were here Mama. No one cares about me like you do." Oliver opened his eyes when he heard the scream. It startled him.

"Oliver how could you!"

When Oliver turned he saw his Mama only she appeared to him as a ghost.

"Well Oliver, I guess you believe me now!"

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