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A Memorial Day tribute for the soldiers who gave their lives for freedom - a poem.
The enduring gift of a true hero;
These hearts of immense valor, humor,
And compassion upheld the American flag
With a noble and excellent resolve.
The loss of these soldiers
Recreates the vigor and humility
Of a definitive reward…

The proud and God-fearing
Home of the Stars and Stripes
Is the fortunate, Heaven-seeking gold
Of able and just principles. 
Forever in perpetuity,
Praise the privileged and ingenious works
Of millions of businesses, charities,
And volunteers who honor
The distinguished enterprising
Of courageous values
In all their decency and glory.

God bless the families
And compatriots
Who to this day avow a saddened,
Yet holy presence
In our nation’s history…

Give your life an everlasting treasure -
Those tens of thousands of troops
Have fought for the future of equal justice and liberty,
And have striven for the legality of virtues
In our sacrosanct lives.

The goals of a representative democracy
Are fundamentally rare -
The sociopathic innocence
Of coercion and power
Is neither ambivalent nor cognizant
Of the decency of soulful relevance and might…

Love this freedom of democratic sentiments -
And hold firm to the faith, morals, and epic ideals
Of America’s otherworldly grandeur…

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