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A story written by my 6-year-old son.
Once upon a time, when I was little and tiny, I didn't know about the Delta 2. So, I just played with Shadow, my favorite dog. He slept with me all of the time, next to my crib. Then Shadow died and then I didn't have any more friends. I miss Shadow now that I am big. So God keeps telling me, I will get a dog some day. But Mommy always says no because my sister is little. But now, that I am six, I have friends like Carter and Phoenix. But, something was wrong. Carter was Phoenix's friend, which we argued about. So, we had an idea. When I go to school for three days, I can play with Carter. So, I was going to Ms. Amanda's class and Carter was too. That was a great chickie-bawk at least.

So then, I had Tiger Scouts and soon I will be a Wolf. So, a couple of days later, when I was in Tiger Scouts, then I was trying to ask a question, but then Daddy said "what did you do at work?" I said "Yes" and forgot my question, which was okay. So, Daddy turned on the T.V. and he went to Youtube, then we typed in Delta 2. That happened when I was four, so I was probably too young to learn about rockets. So, I was learning about rockets for about, probably, three years.

I know a lot more history and stuff like the Titanic and Big Ben and the Statue of Liberty. Fernando knows a lot more history, which still I know a little bit of history, which is okay. I know about WWII. WWII was mainly a very, very, sad thing in Germany. So, one guy told me he knew the WWII, which the guy in the jet was his father and he died. My great-grandfather went in a jet and he died on Earth. So. I still like my great-grandfather. So, still people know stuff.

So, this happened a long time ago and, it was kind of sad for me. Once upon a time, my dad and my mom and Ben and Morgan all came to Vandenburg. I got my friends, Uncle Keith, Ella, Erin and Ava and Butter. I know you might be thinking about Butter, but Uncle Keith's family has Butter, who is his cat. I am not talking about Butter that you eat. So, we had a nice thing. We did a lot of fun stuff. Since my sister doesn't sleep, we went out of the motorhome and we rode down to the firefighter station which something happened on my bike. It slowed down and the wind pushed it back and then I fell. Everything on my body got destroyed and I do have a couple of spots where it still had a little bruise and that's okay.

So now my body is healed. Now I can do a lot more stuff, like jumping and running and biking. One of the things I have to be really, really, careful with is bikes. 'Cause my mom told me, if I got to slow, I will probably fall down. Which means I have to go 100 speed so I don't fall down. Sometimes I do fall. Sometimes I hit a bump and go really really high. So, I have to be really careful with that, which I probably won't do that any more. Not this biking and jumping and running. You realize I go swimming and walk a lot.

Sometime in May, we went swimming all the time. I did laps and one of the times we went to Lompoc pool and I did a handstand. It was the first time I ever did a handstand in the water. So, I can do a lot more stuff now I am not bleeding any more and I'm healed and I am having a better, better, better life. I will live happily ever after.
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