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After Amanda Gorman... not all hills can be climbed. Some lead to death.

         after Amanda Gorman

That hill we die on will be
blood stained,
dripping with the miscarriage of
justice — just us
breaking through the silence
for those muted by dogmatic bigotry,
that gift handed down by generations bound
by hatred and fear. Hear us —
when we say queer. Hear us —
when we shout queer. Bury us —
under the epitaph HERE LIES A QUEER. We will clap back
from the graveyard.

Kåre Enga [180.44] (25.mai.2023)

12 lines free verse

Modified from "HERE LIES A QUEER [180.44] ((8))

"Poet Amanda Gorman spoke out after her poem The Hill We Climb, which she recited at President Joe Biden's presidential inauguration, was removed from an elementary school in Miami-Dade County, Florida."

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