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A poem about never losing hope.
In darkest nights and endless days,
When all we see are shades of gray,
We search for light that seems afar,
And hope to find it where we are.

For hope is what keeps us alive,
When all around us seems to die,
When dreams are shattered and hearts are broken,
And words unspoken are left unspoken.

Hope is a light that never fades,
A flame that burns through stormy days,
A force that drives us through the night,
And guides us towards a new daylight.

When all we see is pain and grief,
And hopelessness is our belief,
We must hold on to hope and faith,
And trust that love will find its way.

For hope is what keeps us going,
When we feel like giving up and slowing,
When we are lost in the sea of doubt,
And fear is what we are all about.

Hope is a bridge that connects us all,
A bond that keeps us standing tall,
A beacon of light that shines so bright,
And shows us the way through the darkest night.

So never lose hope, my dear friend,
For hope is what will guide you till the end,
It will give you strength when you are weak,
And the courage to stand up and speak.

Speak your truth, and never give in,
For hope is what will help you win,
The battles of life, big and small,
And help you rise after every fall.

For hope is a gift that we all share,
A treasure that is always there,
A promise of a brighter tomorrow,
And a new dawn free from sorrow.

So hold on to hope, my dear friend,
For hope is what will guide you till the end,
And help you find your way back home,
To a life filled with love and hope alone.
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