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by Joseph
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Short story from a different place

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Joe mark

Rock people

Like a flood the Blenic Beings appeared, consuming everything in their path fueling the destruction. Only a wasteland left behind them. There is no one alive to remember exactly when it was.
No authority over these Evil greedy beings That are Feeding on our world Leaving behind them nothing of any value. So many of them.
They came Like a plague of locusts with a hunger that could not be satisfied. At first some tried to defend our world. They were extinguished as quickly as they engaged. It was said that the Blenics didn't even notice. There were so many Then even more with each day that passed. The land was Quickly exhausted! Resources Used up, They showed no remorse. Only, take, Take, take more, use it all.
That's the way it's been since the Blinicks appeared.
Those few of our families that Went into hiding at the beginning are only left. Those that wouldn't hide tried to negotiate. Executed on the spot With the exception of the few they made into slaves, Their memories erased.
The decades and centuries passed then finally the ones in hiding slowly United. Together they began to try to build a way of Escape. A few tried to spy From afar to gain very little Intel.
Surely They have some kind of weakness, if only we can find it. So hopeless too only be able to observe in secret without The ability to engage.
The enemy's numbers were so many we were like insects. Walked over never being noticed. Never even acknowledging our existence. They ravaged the lands fast. Surely they would leave after using up everything. What did they do With all the Riches from our world?
Constantly they stripped the land as they moved. did not build any settlements. a constant moving Force.
As the hidden survivors started to unite we were forced to dwell on the land they had moved past and left nothing of any value or use. It was hard enough to find enough food to survive. Survive we did. Slowly growing In number. Yet not enough.

“Hurry up guys, run! The Tron is About to leave!”
“ Darn it, Kandy, come on!. Don’t make us miss it. “I got to go back to help Kandy. I'll tell you sometimes I wish I could get out from under her spell. On the other hand, “damn What a spell.”
Kandy was just average height. The only average thing about her. Perfectly proportioned. Beautiful Deep blue eyes, shaped like an hourglass was her body, shiny dirty blond hair down to her shoulders. Sweet as candy, speaks with a low voice. To meet Her Anyone would feel The hypnotic Attraction of her Aurora. She Never had to hurry a day in her life. Why would she? Simply Irresistible, In her presence you find yourself drunk with desire to please her.
Then there's her little sister Annie. They could have passed for twins, you would just have to see her words cannot describe.
Oh, by the way. I'm Bo. My best friends Jin, Kandy, Anie and I are Racing to catch the Tron. We have to escape this time. This world will be no longer. Hours minutes possibly seconds our world is slowly disintegrating around Us. The Tron Can transport us to a time before Blinic.
The Tron has returned 17 times since the final run, as it was declared. Damaging the time portal makes it More difficult each time. The fragile state of our world Has caused A ripple effect in the timeline, The destination time becomes more unstable and unpredictable. At least that's what we were told. Anytime has got to be better than this, the end time.
Most uniques' like us have already escaped. Finally, we should be able to get a seat if we can get there before it leaves.
“Damn, I made it!”
“ Hang on tight, we're taking off” said a deep voice from under a 10 gallon top hat.
“Wait a second! take a quick look, Don't you know them?” I exclaimed. It worked, the 10 gallon hat turned, looked, stopped. Entranced by the sexists girls you’ll ever see.
“Come aboard Ladies, plenty of time,” said conductor Hat.
“It sure is a good thing y'all are so pretty I wish the world would slow down and wait for me That away”, I just had to say. Anyway finally we can relax for a minute, we made it.
Suddenly! Feels like falling off the side of the world With the heaviest Trunks of gold on our backs. Falling so fast and hard. Seemed like an eternity, until Finally crashing.
Sometime later when I wake up to Find big hat and the Tron gone. A dense foggy Mountain stream in the middle of nowhere. The strangest Helpless feeling as if we were Embalmed in concrete.
“Candy, Anie, Jin, any of y'all around here” I said.
Then I heard a very faint but familiar sexy voice distant & Far away.
“I'm here where are you”?
“Hey I'm here too, y'all, I can't see you but I hear you sound like you're right here.”
“Me too, we're all here together. Cain’t you tell what's going on? y'all been out a bit longer than I was .''Jen said in a shivering strange voice.
Minutes, days, years passed by. We soon discovered. Deceived we had been, all of us. the Tron did not bring us back to a happy place as they had claimed it would. We were still at the same time on the same planet in the wilderness for eternity. Existing as rock. Can not move, not that anybody can tell a different dimension. We were rocks! Everyone that had come back, now stones. Beautiful Stones I especially felt.
Ever so different yet eventually somehow we were all able to communicate in a certain way at least. They had not really lied. We were no longer hiding from the bliniks to enslave.
Was said the old wise one had turned us all into rocks for millennia. Until The Day will come for the Rock People. We will be transformed, Unleashed, Long after the Blenics and countless Generations and dynasties have come and gone. We will be enabled to take our world back . Well not our world.
We will Finally! as before, possess the ability to breathe, walk, talk, eat, sleep, Live and die. At Long last. So says the prophecy. Still now all we can do is get bits of entertainment now and then from Watching you.
Every few hundred or so moons, A gifted one is Able to sense our existence. Led to pick up certain stones, Admire the age and beauty. Knowing that like a book, so many stories want to be heard. Unfortunately For some of the gifted ones, usually resulting in insanity. Not being able to prove, Or interpret what they know to be true. Bewildered.
One of these days I will Grace the blue skies and Breathe The fresh Mountain Air, Walk on land once more.
If ever you find yourself picking up a random stone for some unknown reason, look very very close, listen to it, might be me.
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