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A journalist interviewing a musician becomes more intrigued with every question she asks.
Question 1

A young woman is rushing down a busy city street holding hot cups of coffee. She is running late for work trying to make the elevator.
“Hold the door” she shouts.
No one does though.
“UGH” .
She lets out her frustration deciding to take the stairs. As she turns she bumps into a man spilling all the hot coffee on him. She becomes mortified when she realizes it’s her boss.
“Allen. I’m so sorry” she apologizes.
“Meet me in my office Essence. There are some things I want to discuss”.
He looks down at the mess on his shirt.
“I’ll meet you there” he said.

Essence was waiting in his office nervously. Hoping she wasn’t going to get fired. Her boss walks in sitting down in his chair making her sweat. Essence was biting her nails.
“Your on the Hale the story” he finally speaks up.
Her fear turns to disappointment.
“WHAT” she shouts.“Is this because of the coffee” she asked?
Allen shook his head no.
“Oh, come on. I’m new not stupid. I’ve only been assigned the articles people don’t want. When am I going to start getting the huge Pulitzer Prize articles”.
Allen stopped shuffling paper on his desk feeling caught off guard.
“Pulitzer Prize. You have to earn it. Your lucky you are even assigned articles at all. You could be down in the mail room.”
Essence realizes she over stepped.
Allen does like her and her writing but he has to be fair.
“Listen, write the Draven Hale story and we’ll talk about the potential of bigger stories”.
“Thank you” she said walking out smiling.
He smiled back knowing he made her happy but felt he needed to be professional.
“ARTICLE. ON MY DESK. NOON. 2 WEEKS” he shouted letting everyone in the office hear it.
Essence nodded walking to her desk.

On her computer she GOOGLED ‘Draven Hale’. A picture of a chiseled brown haired man with a 5 o clock shadow and blue eyes popped up. He was holding a guitar and posing like a model.
“Ugh” she breathed out loud in disgust.
Believing that he is like all other musicians and not in a good way. She clicked on his bio and found nothing. The only information she can find is that he played at this restaurant where he was discovered and signed to a small record label called LIL musiq Incorporated.
“Great. No information. Who the fuck is this guy”?
Essence picks up her phone and dials the number to the record label.
“Yes. Hello. My name is Essence Brown with LA Article 1. I was hoping to set up an interview with one of your artists?…Draven Hale. …Is tomorrow at noon at the coffee shop on B street and Crawford Ave good? …Thank you.”
She hung up writing down notes in her day planner.

Question 2

Essence is sitting in Spill Da Beans coffee shop. There is a small stage by the front window with a microphone and an acoustic guitar. Open mic nights she thought to herself as Draven Hale walked through the door.
Draven waltzed in charmingly brushing his luscious hair out of his face. Essence was instantly irritated. She flagged him over to the table as she stood up to greet him.
“Hi. I am Essence Brown from LA Article 1”.
“Draven Hale” he introduced himself.

They both sat down across from one another and Essence grabbed her note pad to start asking questions.
“So, I’m sure we both have better places to be so let’s just get this over with quick”.
He nodded.
“Okay. Question number one. How did you get into music?”
He twiddled his thumbs for a second while Essence anticipated to write down the answer.
“Ahh… how about we start off with some coffee first”?
He stood up to walk over to the counter.
“What would you like” he asked?
She shrugged her shoulders “surprise me” she responded.

They finished their coffee small talk chat before getting to the real big questions.
“Alright. Now that we had our coffee lets get back to the interview” she paused to look through her notes.
“What has been your biggest inspiration for your music”?
He took another second to think “can you excuse me while I run to the bathroom”?
Essence throws her arms up in frustration feeling very quickly that Hale is purposely dodging her questions. He comes back to the table.
“When did you realize you wanted to be an artists” she tried to throw out another question?
“I think I need another refill” he says about to walk back up to the counter.
Essence gets up to stop him.
“No. You don’t need more coffee. What you need is to start talking and stop wasting my god damn time?”
He is caught off guard by her behavior but finds it intriguing. He still doesn’t really know where to start and Essence gets upset shoving her note pad into her bag getting her stuff together when chords of a guitar struck her ears. She looks up and sees Hale up on stage beginning to play. The music was these beautifully slow angelic harp chords and then he started to sing raspy but tender:

“Told me ya never leave
I never will please believe
that’s what you said…
But snow falls , flowers bloom, suns burn
than Autumn comes
Remembering that season the angels came
always thought I was to blame
Had to put that demon to bed
I pray, I prayed , still praying
But snow falls, flowers bloom, suns burn
than Autumn comes
You left me with this Earth to roam
You left me with this Earth to roam
oh, sis shall I see ya again
In the Heavens above in gods name
but until then…
snow falls, flowers bloom, suns burn
than Autumn comes”

Essence was in shock. She thought it was so beautiful. The raw and honesty he displayed on stage told more of a story than any interview could ever do. On the verge of tears Hale walked over to Essence.
“Do you feel like a change of scenery” he asked?
She nods while they leave the coffee shop.


They went to a park and they are sitting on the swings. Essence was staring at him curiously waiting for him to open up. She realized questioning him was not the right way to get him to talk. He is a musician they tend to be more on the sensitive side. Hale would talk when he was comfortable to answer.
“I had a twin sister” he began to explain.
“She was my best friend. When we were in college she hooked up with this guy that got her hooked on drugs. Three years ago she came to me for help once they broke up. I got her in rehab and she was clean… for a few months before she relapsed. She overdosed. While she was in the hospital I cried for her to get better because I did not want to lose her. She promised I was not going to lose her.”
He took a minute and breathed through his tears.
“It will be two years in Autumn since she died. Her name was Daniella.”
Essence rubbed his shoulder to console him. He wiped his eyes and stood up with his back turned to her.

“How did I get into music?… My sister and I use to sing Disney soundtracks as an escape. Our father bailed before we were born and our mother passed in child birth. We were raised by our grandfather”.
He takes a second to think about the second question.
“What has been my biggest inspiration?…My sister. She was always my biggest fan of my singing since we were kids”. He pauses “And Stevie Wonder. My grandfather told me he was my mother’s favorite artist. I would listen to him on repeat”.
He sat back on the swing.

“When did I realize I wanted to be an artist?… I never had confidence in myself at all. A couple years ago I was afraid to get on a stage in front of people and sing. When my sister died I felt like I needed to live my dream for her because she will never be able to ever live hers.”

Essence was taking all this information in and was beginning to see Draven Hale in a different light. Taking him more seriously than the typical musician she thought he was. She was definitely more interested in turning this interview into a full fledge story.
“What was it that stopped you from being scared to perform on stage” she asked?
He shrugged and grabbed his chest.
“I guess the numbness I have helps me not feel much of anything”.
She seemed concerned.
“I would love to finish this interview but I have to get to the office I have a meeting with my editor… but would you like to get together tomorrow night? Possibly…if your not too busy” she asked?
“Yeah. I can do that. How does dinner sound ” he asked?
She agrees shaking his hand.
“Pleasure meeting you Mr. Hale”.
He nods.
“You too.I’ll text you the details”.

Question 4

Essence walks into Allen’s office.
“Allen” she shouts interrupting a meeting.
One moment he gestured with his finger as he finished up.
“I want the updated status quo by the end of the week. You all are dismissed”.
Once everyone left Essence sat down.
“So.. you have my interview” he asked?
“Well. No. BUT … I have something better. This guy is a lot more interesting than I thought. I want to do more then just an interview. I think there’s a story here”.
Allen seems confused.
“Wait so you didn’t get the interview”.
“I got a few questions out of him, but he’s kind of a hard nut to crack. I’m actually suppose to meet him for dinner tomorrow night” Essence said.
“Whoa, wait. I don’t think that’s a good idea. I think he’s trying to get in your pants”.
She looks disturbed by his inappropriate comment but decided to ignore it.
“I believe I can write a really beautiful story on this guy. He’s legit. I can tell.”
Allen kind of gives in.
“Okay. Get me an outline of what the story will be and we will see.”
Excitedly Essence gets up.
“But are you sure about meeting him for dinner” Allen asked?
She shrugs.
“Gotta give the client what they want so they can talk right”?
“Aright. Get out of my office” he said shooing her away.

Question 5

Essence is beaming with exuberance walking into this Italian Bistro Draven invited her to. He reserved the rooftop so that they can have a little privacy. She walked up noticing the twinkling white lights and Draven overlooking the view.
“A little romantic Hale you think” she asked?
He laughed.
“We will leave it to perspective then” he answered.
She smiled. He stared a little too long and she awkwardly looks out at the view.
“Wow, this is so beautiful.”
Hale slowly turns gazing back at the view.
“Yeah” he said agreeing.
“So, what questions do you have for me tonight” he asked?
Essence started to ask when they were interrupted by the waiter bringing them their food.
“I hope you don’t mind. I ordered us the house special.”
He pulled out the chair so she can sit and they sipped on wine and ate their food. When they were finished the cook and some other waiters came up to say hello talking up Draven. Once they were alone Essence began to ask him some more questions.
“Okay, so I have to know. What is your connection to this place?”
“My grandfather owned this place. This was the one safe space my sister and I had.Surrounded by family. When my grandfather passed away the Bistro closed. Joey O the bartender you met. He was like my grandfather’s protégé. He loved this place as much as he did.It took him years to be able to open this place back up. He’s been like an uncle to me ever since.”
Essence seemed amused while writing all of this information.
“What” he said.
“Nothing. Your just full of surprises.When did your grandfather die”?
“2018. The bistro has been closed for five years”.
“Do you ever play here”?
He smiled “come with me” he said putting his hand out.
She trusted him grabbing his hand. He pulled her downstairs and sat her at the bar. Hale walked up to the stage sat at the piano.
“Good evening everyone. I am Draven Hale and this is my cover of Piano man”.
He proceeded to play a set for an hour and when he finished he walked up to Essence. The bartender handed him a scotch on the rocks.
“That was amazing” she praised him.
“I still play here every Friday night in honor of my grand father”.
“Of course you do…. It’s time I call it a night”.
Draven walks her to her car.
“So… when can I see you again” he asked?
“How’s Sunday”?
Draven nods in agreement.
“I’ll be in the studio all day but you can come check out the process if you want.”
“Okay, sounds good to me” she answered.
“It’s a date” he said walking away.
“It’s an interview” she yelled back.

Question 6

Essence was at her desk typing up a rough draft of her story.
‘All Hale the Acoustic Chords’
was the working title.
Allen walked over.
“So.. how’s it coming” he asked?
“Beautifully” she answered excitedly.
She stopped typing and began gushing over Draven.
“I mean this guy is so interesting. He’s not arrogant. He’s not materialistic or conceded. He’s actually this sweet, caring sometimes awkward conflicted man. We have another date scheduled Sunday.”
“Date”? Allen looks at her concerned.
“Essence. Are you starting to actually like this guy” he asked?
She laughed.
“What? You mean like... No. Of course not. It’s just a story. I’m just excited about what comes next.”
She tensed up looking at the time on her watch.
“I have to go” she said saving her work on her computer.
“Uh Huh” Allen muttered.
She grabbed her things and walked out. Allen looked out the window to make sure she was gone before snooping on her computer to take a sneak peak at her article.

It’s Saturday night and Essence is sitting in the bath tub with a glass of wine trying to relax. She was on the phone with her mother.
“God, momma if you would just hear the tone of his voice. It’s beautiful. You and daddy would really appreciate it. I mean he doesn’t sing gospel but he has soul for sure.”
“Are you coming to church tomorrow” her mother asked changing the subject?
“Momma. I told you I can’t I have a meeting tomorrow.”
“Right, the article. There is more to life than just work Esse” her mother explained.
Essence agreed.
“This story might be more than just work” she said quietly.
“What was that” her mother sought.
“Nothing. I’ll call you tomorrow momma.”
“Okay, sweetie”.
Essence exhales before holding her breath slipping down into the water.

Question 7

Essence walks into LIL musiq Incorporation.
“Hi. I’m Essence Brown journalist from LA ARTICLE 1. I am meeting Draven Hale” she explained to the receptionist. The receptionist smiled and gave her a guest pass.
“Mr. Hale is on floor 32. Studio C.”
“Thank you”.

Essence was fidgeting in the elevator suddenly realizing that she was nervous. She began fixing her hair in the reflection in the metal doors. She finally made it to the floor and walked into the studio quietly as Draven was in the booth laying tracks. His eyes were closed singing intensely into the mic. She became immersed into the music completely forgetting the real reason why she was there. The song ended and he noticed her standing next to the producer.
“Can we take a break” he asked?
The producer agreed leaving and Draven motioned Essence to come here with his hand.
Draven greeted Essence with a hug this time. She seemed a bit off put.
“How has your day been so far” he asked?
She didn’t answer instead jokingly she said “isn’t my job to ask the questions”?
He laughed.
“Yeah. Well, I just realized that for the past week I have been spilling my guts to a complete stranger with nothing in return”.
She smiles nodding her head.
“Okay. So, what would make you feel more comfortable knowing”?
He sits at the drum set and playfully ponders his first question.
“Who is your favorite artist”?
“Jill Scott”.
“REALLY” he seemed surprised.
“Nothing you just seemed I guess a little commercial to me. No offense ” he replied.
“Hey. I take all offense to that”.
He laughs.
“What inspired you to be a journalists”?
Partly because I was obsessed with the movie Never Been Kissed.”
“And the other part” he asked apathetic?
“When I was a little girl these teenagers that lived on my block were roughed up by some white racists cops. Their parents tried to get justice but there is no justice for black folks.- - - The story was swept under the rug. Ever since all I wanted to do was rip the rug right up from under anyone trying to silence someone from telling their story.”
Draven walks over and sits on the wooden stool that was right in front of her to become a little more up close and personal.
“My parents never approved. They understand why I’m doing it but they think it will cause too much unwanted attention. Especially for their church.”
He grabs her hands and she looks at him in the eyes.
“I think it’s extremely noble and I don’t think you should feel guilty for wanting to pursue your dreams” he said earnestly.
The producer accidents interrupted.
“Oh. Uh - - I can come back.”
Draven lets go of her hands.
“No.That’s fine. Let’s just get through this song and call it for the day.”
“I’ll wait for you out there” Essence explained bashfully.

The session ended and Draven walked up to Essence who was staring intently at her phone.
“I hope I didn’t bore you too much”.
She ignored his comment “are you hungry” she asked?
He didn’t get a chance to answer before she shoved her phone in his face. He read a text that said
‘Sunday Dinner?’

Question 8

Essence decided to bring Draven to Sunday dinner at her parents house. They were standing in front of the door waiting for someone to answer.
“Meeting the parents. That’s kind of serious you think”?
“We will leave it to perspective then” she jest.
They both smiled at each other before being interrupted by an obnoxious woman.
“Oh, my god you finally came” she said giving Essence a hug.
“Draven Hale. This is my Auntie Jewel. Jewel this is my - - uh.”
She didn’t know how to explain him.
“I’m Draven” he introduced himself.
She gives him a handshake and they both walk in.
“Ooh, damn. He’s handsome” her aunt whispered.

The family was gathered around the table. Essence, her parents, her aunt, her aunt’s husband with their two young children and Essences brother Marcus.
“So... You the new boyfriend” he asked crassly.
Essence choked on her food.
“Marcus can you be polite for once in your life” she stated!
He rolled his eyes.
“No. I’m the subject of Essence’s article”.
“Oh, so your the musician” her mother said.
He nodded.
“What kind of music do you play son” Essences father asks?
“Well, I try not to put myself in a box so I try to incorporate all kinds of music but I guess I tend to write more singer song writer acoustic stuff.”
Marcus scoffs.
“That’s some white boy shit”.
Jewel smacks him.
“What? I will give him some respect for his craft a little more if I hear what he can do”.
Marcus looks over at the piano in the study and back at Draven. Hale looks at Essence and she embarrassingly looks away. Then he looks over at her parents.
“May I” he asked?
They both gestured giving him the go ahead.
Draven walks over to the piano sitting down. He confidently stroked his fingers over the keys and proceeded to play sobeautiful by Musiq Soulchild.
“OKAY” Jewel shouted encouraging him.
Marcus was still unimpressed until he started singing. He absolutely bodied the song throwing his own spin on the rifts.

After dinner Essence and Draven took a walk.
“Everyone was so impressed” Essence was going on and on about it.
“My parents like you. My Aunt Jewel absolutely loves you and Marcus well you finally won him over”.
Draven was walking her to her door.
“I ‘m also sorry bout how they were treating you at first”.
He shakes it off.
“It’s fine. Didn’t really phase me” he admitted.
“I like being underestimated”.
There was a moment of silence until they reached the door. “Well, thanks for making sure I made it home safe.”
He catches her gaze.
“You were so good. I can’t believe…” she was cut off.
Draven sensually grabbed her chin pulling her close but not kissing her yet. Her breath left her body giving him full control to kiss her lips.
Across the street Allen was parked watching the whole thing.

Question 9

In really good spirits Essence walked into work. She didn’t even get a chance to settle in before Allen called for her.
“I need to see you in my office right now”.
He didn’t really seem angry but said it pretty stern. As soon as she walked in he said “close the door”.
She became scared unsure what was happening.He was looking at his computer typing leaving Essence feeling awkward sitting there in silence.
“Okay, so I got good news. I pulled some strings and there is a once in a lifetime chance opportunity. The catch is… you have to kill your story”.
She begins to celebrate until she realized.
“Wait you mean you don’t want me to publish the Draven Hale story.”
“I mean unfortantantly that is what it’s gonna take. You have a decision to make either stay stagnant in your career or progress your potential. Your choice. I’ll give you the day to decide”.
She smiles feeling conflicted walking out of his office. She sits at her desk staring at the article she has been working on. She grabs her jacket and goes to Draven’s apartment.
“I wasn’t expecting you” he said excitingly.
He went in for a kiss but she pulled away.
“Can we talk” she asked?
“Of course. Is there something wrong”.
He allows her to come in and she sits on the couch pulling him down next to her.
“My editor basically is giving me a promotion”.
Hale smiles “hey, that’s great”.
Essence grabs his hands getting him to hone in.
“I have an opportunity to start telling the stories I been striving to tell my entire life” she explains.
Hale still is confused.
“Okay. I’m glad. Why are you not more excited” he asked?
She took a minute before she answered.
“He wants me to kill the story”.
“What story? My story? The one the paper pushed so hard for me to do. Even when I wasn’t even comfortable with. That story?”
He let go of her hands feeling upset. He got up to get some water to drink.
“I don’t have to say yes. I can still publish the article”.
Hale almost spit out his water “no. Don’t do that”.
“What do you want me to do? This doesn’t just effect me”.
“Kill it” he answered.
She seemed surprised.
“My career isn’t based off of an article. Yours is.”
He sits back down.
“But you deserve your story to be told. People should know that nothing can hold you back from living your dreams”.
“So then live yours” he said.


A few months went by. Hale and Essence were in a long distance relationship. Her career took her to New York while he was recording his second album in LA. It has been hard on their relationship while he toured. They see each other when they can. Now over a year in. Their relationship became rocky after she didn’t show up at the Grammy award ceremony where he won his first award.
Now she was being Honored for the Pulitzer Prize for an article she wrote about how much more of a difference would racism be if Martin Luther King Jr was never assassinated. Hale of course as her boyfriend of a journalist receiving such a prestigious award would want to be there to support. Unfortunately, he told her he might not be able to attend which begins a fight. Last minute he has a change of heart and decides to surprise her.

The night of the award presentation she goes with Allen. He followed her to New York helping her every step of the way. She felt an extreme gratitude towards him. She was at their table having conversations with authors and scientists feeling completely incompetent. Allen saves her from them.
“Ms. Brown. Can I steal you for just a minute?”
“Of course” she looked relieved.
“Excuse me” she announced to the table.
He walked her out of the dining room to the empty lobby.
“Oh, my god thank you so much. Too much intelligent conversation for me” she joked.
Allen laughed then proceeded to surprise her with a gift.
“What is this for” she asked grabbing the small box from his hand?
“It’s nothing”.
She opened it and revealed a beautiful silver pendant.
“Allen. I can’t accept this. This is too much.”
“Nonsense. A beautiful necklace for a beautiful girl to wear to accept a beautiful award”.
She began feeling slightly uneasy. Allen took the necklace and put it around her neck. He slid his fingers down her back ever so lightly while Draven pulled up in a cab.
“What are you doing?”
She pushed his hand away.
“Your being ridiculous” he said.
He crossed the line by pulling her into him stealing a kiss while Draven walks in on it.
“Essence” is all he could form to say.
She pulls away from Allen.
“Baby it’s not what it looks like”.
She turns and looks back at Allen “Why the hell would you do that”?
She starts to walk up to Hale and he puts his hand up gesturing for her to stop. He backs away walking out of the building and she chases him out the door.
“D” she screamed but he flagged the first cab he could to get out of there. She watched him drive off becoming furious she stormed back into the lobby.
“Allen. What the fuck was that?”
“Oh, please. Spare me”.
His personality flipped in a way she never saw before.
“You owe me” he said.
“Owe you” she sounded confused.
“All of this would of never happened without me. New York. Pulitzer. I thought this. All of this is what you wanted”.
“Not like this” she exclaimed.
He walked over touching her inappropriately again. She pulled away.
“Come on. Imagine all the doors that will open all you have to do is spend the night with me”.
She smacked him in the face.
“Ooo. I like it rough”.
“It’ll never happen you fucking creep” she said adamant.
He was about to retaliate when a woman interrupted “sorry, but we are waiting for you to give your speech Ms. Brown”.

She begins to follow her back into the dining room when Allen shouts “better enjoy that honor cause that’s the best it will ever get. Your done after this in the Journalism world. DONE.” The room was full of prestigious doctors, lawyers and politicians clapping for her. She makes her way up on stage and Allen sits down feeling humiliated. She laughs nervously and the audience grows quiet.

“Thank you…This morning I was so excited to be honored today it’s all I dreamed of since I was a kid. But now I am thinking that I don’t deserve this award. I am very very passionate at what I do. Lois Lane who?- - - But I have never been this unsure of myself in my entire life. My career thus far has been a lie. I found out that my editor has been pulling strings and opening doors for me so I would sleep with him. Can you believe that? And I think because of it I lost the love of my life over what? I don’t even know anymore.Somewhere down the line I lost my passion. So yeah, I could have just accepted this award and believe that this article was brilliant enough to get me here but I will never really be sure. There are far better stories out there that I need to tell. Thank you for the opportunity but I have to go”.
Essence runs off stage to go home and apologize to Draven.

Question 11

Back in LA Essence tries to track down Draven hoping to explain herself. She goes by the studio but was kicked out.
“No press allowed” security stated escorting her out.
She tries his apartment but it seemed like he hadn’t been there in days. Hale has yet to return any of her calls or text messages. She finally finds him at the restaurant. He was getting back to his roots playing at the bistro. He notices her at the bar giving Joey O a hug. Once he is done his set he puts the guitar down and heads up to the roof. Essence followed him up there. He was standing at their spot looking out at the view once again. He hears her walking towards him.
“What are you doing here”?
His tone makes her stop.
“D. Listen it wasn’t what it looked like” she began to plead.
“I don’t want to hear it”.
“But baby you have to believe me. He surprised me. I didn’t realize what he was doing. He is a pervert.”
“Your fault, his fault. It don’t matter. This is more than just a kiss Essence. It sounds selfish but over the last year I show up time and time again. Award presentations and talk shows but where were you? You were too busy to come on tour. A story was more important than my Grammy” he admitted.
Essence heart breaks hearing the hard truth.
“I mean even though I was mad I was still willing to put my record on hold to watch you give your speech for the Pulitzer Prize. And I am so proud of you. You did deserve that award and more. Which is why you need to put your work first and put me second. So, I don’t want to hold you back from greatness. I still want you to live your dreams. Even if your dreams don’t include me”.
“What? Don’t say that” she said pulling him closer.
“Why would you say that” she asked? Pushing him.
He didn’t say anything. He couldn’t. She pushed him again.
“Say something” she pleaded.
“I can’t do this anymore”.
“So, you don’t even want to try to make it work” she asked?
He turns his back to her and does not answer. She tears up giving up on the conversation.

A couple weeks later Essence is staying at her parents looking into getting a place to stay. She is sitting on the couch drinking a cup of coffee in a daze. Her mother walks in sitting across from her.
“Morning mama” she said.
“Listen baby girl if you don’t go and just get that boy”.
She exhales. “It’s not that simple. I tried I don’t think he’s interested in waiting for me to work on my priorities”.
She laughs.
“I’m going to let you in on a little secret. My parents did not approve of my relationship with your father”.
“What? Why”?
“Doesn’t matter. But the point is I let someone come in between my relationship and choosing to end my relationship hurt your father and when I realized I made a mistake he was with another woman”.
“So..what did you do to convince him to take you back” she asked?
“Proved to him that he was more important to me than anything else”.
Her mother got up kissed her on the forehead letting Essence contemplate what she said.
After a long deep meditation session an idea had sparked. With her contacts from New York and her old coworkers from LA ARTICLE 1 they helped her put together her own Journalism podcast and for her first episode she wanted to post the article that she started writing about Draven.

Question 12

Episode 1

Draven Hale

Hello listeners I am Essence Brown and thank you for tuning in to Hot off the Press Podcast. Todays story is about a very talented musician. A two world tour, Grammy nominated, 200,000,000 million sold records Draven Hale.
This is a very special episode. Not just because this is my first episode but I had the absolute pleasure of dating him. You can call this an apology or you can call this me feeling guilty but I would like to call it a love letter.
Draven Hale was born May 14th 1991. He was raised by his grandfather after his mother died in child birth and his father not being able to handle the pressure bailed. He was a twin. Daniella Hale was a force to be reckon with before her untimely death that inspired the nominated song Than Autumn Comes. I remember the first time he played it for me. Completely changed my perspective of him.
If you love Italian food you should try Pasta Romano Bistro. The Hale family owned a rustic Italian restaurant over on 33rd and Bly Drive for over 25 years. After his grandfather passed away Hale takes time out of his schedule to play a set at the bistro every Saturday night at 8 o’ clock. And be sure to give Joey O the bartender a huge tip.
Draven Hale is an acoustic singer song writer that cannot be placed in a box but that is exactly what I did. When I first met him I was an out of my league reporter interviewing him for my old employer LA ARTICLE 1. Very quickly my interview was turning into a story.
A story about a one of a kind genuine man who wears his heart on his sleeve and happens to write and play music from his soul. I did not realize I was going to fall in love with him.
Then I was manipulated from a trusted editor and friend to kill that story so I can build my prestigious career in New York.
I chose my career over love and got burned. I was so close to having everything I ever dreamed of and none of that seemed to matter.
I realize now that doing something you love does not need to be rewarded. As long as what you do touches other people and help bring change and growth. That’s the real reward. I would have never had that thought without getting to know Draven Hale a true unsung hero of todays episode.
So, I don’t know if you are listening Hale but I just wanted to let you know that this is the story the world should have got over a year ago. I wish I could say that you were always first but that would be a lie. And I’m sorry. I really do love you and if you love me too hopefully you could give me another chance to prove to you how much more you mean to me. More than any story out there.
That’s the end of today’s episode. Thanks for tuning in. Give this podcast a like, write a review.
Until next time ladies and gentlemen read it and weep.

A couple weeks later Essence found an apartment and her podcast was killing it. Her parents was helping her move in. Essence was lost in her emotion and her mother could see the disappointment on her face.
“It’s only been 2 weeks baby girl give it some more time” she assured her.
“I’m all out of time momma” she told her.
She went back to the truck to get another box. When she turned around Draven was standing right behind her.
“Need some help” he asked?
She stood there at a lost for words. Her father grabbed the box from her hands and walked away to give them space to talk.
Draven cleared his throat breaking the awkward silence.
“So, how did you know to find me” she asked?
“I went to your parents house. Marcus told me where you were”.
She tried to say sorry again but he was tired of hearing her apologize.
“So, a podcast huh” he interrupted?
“Pretty smart and creative” he complimented her.
“I should have chose to publish your story back then. The more I chased the next big story the further I pushed you away. That will never happen again”.
“I don’t want you to stop chasing the next big story. Your passion for your work is part of who you are. And I love who you are. I would love to be something you want to be passionate about chasing too”.
She smiles.
“What” he asked?
“Your speech. A little romantic Hale you think”?
He smiles back.
“I guess we’ll leave it to perspective then”.
They both laugh as they go in for a kiss. They were interrupted by a phone call.
“It’s my publicist” hold on a second.
She answers the call walking away for some privacy. Draven seems upset but tries not to show it. She hangs up and comes back.
“He said that they liked my Podcast so much that they want to do a trial run for a late night talk show.”
Draven nods feeling like he’s having deja vu.
“So naturally I turned them down” she said.
Draven looks caught off guard “what”.
Essence smiled.
“I turned them down”.
“Baby, what” he asked still astonished?
She continued to nod her head and they embraced with a hug. He pulls away and looks at her lovingly as they finally shared a kiss once again. He pulls away.
“Alright. You made your point I’m here. A talk show”.
In agreement Essence pulls out her cellphone.
“Oh, I’m already dialing as we speak”.

Essence Brown and Draven Hale continued to per-sue their passions but not at the expense of each other. Living out their dreams with one another was left to their perspective.
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