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He swore he would never return to the city.
South of the city old man Samuel watched the city lights glowing in the distance. He clenched his chest at the mere thought of entering the city. He remembered the last time he was there twenty years ago and vowed never to return, but the carrier pigeon had brought him a message, and it simply read "Help me!" His friend needed him, how could he refuse. He couldn't. Memories of her flooded his mind, memories so intense they would make a prostitute blush.

It was almost dark now and it would be best to enter the city avoiding any light. Light is synonymous with danger. He turned the music playing in his ear as loud as he could to drown out the screams as he entered the edge of the city. Driven by his desire to help his friend he pressed forward. The stench of death filled his nostrils. He stepped over those who lay dying, ignoring their cries for help. His mission was to save his friend and nothing else. He looked up and could see he had reached his destination. No need to knock on the door, he turned the door knob. The room was pitch black, he never saw it coming.

In a tower high above the city's turmoil a carrier pigeon is released, this time it goes north. The message it carried read, "Help me!"
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