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Rated: E · Fiction · Drama · #2296851
Nellie has a eye opening experience.
Nellie took the bus home every night from work, and at 65 she was ready to retire.

Lately she didn’t feel safe after she was dropped off at the bus stop. Especially after her encounter with a young man while riding on the bus one night.

He was asking her all kinds of personal questions, but she decided not to expose her vulnerability, and came short of saying I live by myself.

For Nellie her walk home had become the most scary part of her day. For days now she had been looking over her shoulder half expecting to see him following her, but with a full moon to light her way she felt more at ease tonight.

Suddenly, she saw a man appear on the other side of the street, but realized it was just Mr. Baker putting his trash out for pickup tomorrow.

As she approached her house a cat screamed, and ran in front of her. Scaring the living daylights out of her.

She walked up the steps to her front porch, and unlocked the front door.

Quickly she closed and locked the door. She put her keys in the glass dish on the table in the hallway, and went to sit down.

A noise coming from the kitchen startled her. She picked up the baseball bat by her chair, and slowly walked towards the kitchen.

Just when she got to the kitchen door a shadowy figure came towards her. Nellie struck him on the head, and he fell to the floor.

He said, grandma, what did you do that for?

Nellie said, Peter, is that you?

Yeah, it’s me, rubbing his head in agony.

Nellie said, you used the spare key under the flower pot.

Ya think!

Nellie now realized how vulnerable she had been all along.
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