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Rated: E · Fiction · Comedy · #2296853
Some brother's really are hero's.
Randall entered the Carnival, he did his best to lose his little brother Cooper, who had followed him again without permission. Finally, he succeeded and doubled back. When Cooper wasn’t visible, he thought, something is wrong here, then he saw two bigger kids grab Coop and push him into the haunted house.
Randall knew the haunted house would be too scary for Cooper, who was only nine years old, but Cooper had already entered. Randall ran to the entrance, not sure which direction to go, as he entered. He heard screaming and went in that direction. He found two cute girls huddled in a corner, and wished he had time to be their hero, but he didn’t. Then he heard another scream and ran that way, veering to his left and ran forward about twenty feet and then slipped on something wet on the floor, then he collided with Cooper.
Cooper was crying.
Randall said, “What happened?”

“A Ghost came out of the dark, and scared the pee out of me!”

Randall suppressed a smile and thought that must be what he had slipped on. Randal put his arm around his little brother and comforted him, "It will be alright.”

Cooper said, “No, it won’t, I have pee all over my pants and those boys that teased me are going to laugh at me when I leave the haunted house.”

Randall stiffened, then he said, “Here’s what we are going to do…”

It’s been ten years since the haunted house incident, but Cooper has never forgotten how his brother helped him escape through one of the behind the scene emergency exit doors, leaving the two boys waiting for him to come out the main exit. Randall got him home safely and washed his jeans without their parents ever finding out.
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