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A strange experience that no one would believe.
Cody ran as soon as he heard the siren. He squatted by a broken down fence waiting to see if the police car was getting closer.
Cody relaxed when the siren stopped. He turned and something shiny caught his eye. It was coming from the old abandoned house. It flashed again almost blinding him with its brightness. Cody normally avoided the unknown, but he was curious and a little bit bored. Once inside, he found an old chair that half of the upholstery was missing, he looked around searching for the shiny object, then he figured it out, the roof had a hole in it and in the right position it reflected brightly on the crystal door knob. Disappointed Cody turned to leave, that’s when the door on the south wall of the living room creaked open, revealing a large machine in the back room. Cody walked closer and was shocked at how new the machine looked, it wasn’t even dusty. In the center of the machine was a built in chair. Cody sat down admiring how awesome the machine was, wondering what all the levers were for. He was about to get up, when a young girl burst through the door and yelled don’t touch that lever. He was so frightened by her appearance, his hand slipped, pulling down the lever. The machine came to life, lights flashed and the whole room seemed to spin.
Then total darkness and Cody passed out. When he awoke the machine was gone and he was lying on a bed of purple grass and when he looked up the sky was green, but what frightened him the most, there were two suns, a larger one and a lesser one. Then he thought of the last words he had said to his mom before he ran out of the house, ”I hope I never see you again”. Now he wondered how he was going to get himself out of this mess.
Cody turned in the direction of a loud noise he heard, He heard it again and could tell it was getting closer to him. It almost sounded like some kind of animal, but not one he was familiar with. It came crashing through the trees and was three stories high. he started to run and then the machine appeared. the girl was in the seat and she reached out her hand and grabbed Cody. The machine disappeared right before creature was about to crush them. It reappeared in the house where Cody had found it. He didn't wait. He jumped off and ran as fast as he could back home.

His mom was in the kitchen.

He ran to her and hugged her and said "I love you."

" Well I love you too, but you're still going to have to clean your room, but that can wait till after supper. Now go get washed up."

Cody never told his mom that he had planned to runaway that day and he never went back to that house. That was one adventure he never wanted to go on again, but he did finally figure out what kind of creature it was when he went to see Jurassic Park in the theater.
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