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by Naomi
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I love Matt Monro Songs too

Our Papa loves to sing the songs of Matt Monro when he was alive. He died last January 09, 2012.

When we were kids when he was not having his afternoon nap or not playing chess with his older brother, he strummed his guitar and sang softly the songs of Matt Monro.

My younger brother, next to me learned Matt Monro songs through our Papa and also by listening to the FM radio during our younger days.

My younger brothers all three of them
learned all his songs but it is my next younger brother Nelson who sings passionately and wonderfully with a complete facial expression. My brother Nelson , like Matt Monro is a Baritone.

I love to hear both Papa and Nelson singing during special occasions and making me love all his songs too.

Matt Monro died at age 54 in the year 1985 due to liver cancer. He was an English singer and was known as The Man with the golden voice and an international singer for 30 years.

My wish at the moment is to sing his songs with my brother Nelson this coming Christmas Party with family and friends.

I look forward to that day.

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