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The government cannot control spending, so neither can we - and we’re drained - a poem.
The dust-ups arising from pick-ups,
Tractors, horses, and cattle rustling;
The greener pastures and vestiges
Of medics and first responders;
The philanthropic options
Of Earth’s treasured and healthy efforts;
And the excruciating messages aimed
Toward criminals, the homeless,
And the mentally ill -
And that social media’s seeding
Of deficient, dolorous doldrums
Upon our youth,
Which we blindly assume are
A political expediency
In this bloodied, beaten,
And sorrowful nation.

Defining what the government
Should and should not reduce spending for
Involve those ever-glowing,
Gravitational quandaries,
Social security, Medicare, and Medicaid;
But what the Biden administration presupposes
Is a soft recession,
And how low unemployment figures
Lend themselves politically
To higher prices and increasing wages
Which fall short of inflation -
Raising interest rates is meant
To slow and eventually halt economic growth;
The consumer will no longer
Have the power to choose
Between spending and saving,
And restoring their insufficient bases
For retirement and possible reproaches
From rainy days;

Holding this federal spending in check
Will encourage a citizens’ focus
On monetary and fiscal responsibility;

And bring inflation under control -

And prevent a horrible and precipitous
Stock market collapse…

Because signaling uncontrolled spending
Without coordinating traditional fueling options
Will destroy capitalism in the long run,
By incapacitating the furtherance
Of military objectives
And access to microchip production in-house,
And solving the abuses of the immigration crisis,
Which is an even bigger priority…

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