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it might be time to let go of the past and look to the future…
I can’t keep looking back
wondering about what might have been—
not when you’re here right in front of me,
hinting at what could be
And I can’t keep holding on to impossibility, hoping—
not when you’re waiting for me,
promising nothing but possibility
I can’t keep thinking about all the yesterdays,
done and gone—
not when you might be all my tomorrows
And I can’t keep reaching backwards—
not when you can pull me forwards
I can’t keep wishing for that other world,
that other place so inaccessible to me—
not when you’re here and you can be my
universe, my galaxy, my sun and my stars
And I can’t keep lamenting the something that I can’t have—
not when you can give me the everything that I want
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