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This free verse poem has been created for Sharmelle's Topic of the Month Poetry Contest.
The flora, that I love so much, is the hibiscus, and its myriad attendants.
Hibiscus's colors are vibrant, like the sunset at the end of a long day.
Hibiscus plants love the heat and humidity, which is so prevalent in Florida, and Hawaii.
Any place with beaches, oceans, and hot & cold environments dancing to make airborne moisture, can grow hibiscus plants in abundance.

Georgia should be considered to be between the tropical and temperate habitats.
Hibiscuses thrive here in summer, but they must winter in a greenhouse.
We have subfreezing temperatures at least a few days every year, so hibiscuses are treated as annuals, unless fervently cared for by gardeners, like me, who love them. Last winter hurt my hibiscus plants in the greenhouse, but most have grown back.

Of attending plants Caladiums, hostas, and ferns are most notable for their leaves.
Lantanas, begonias, and dianthuses have a glorious variety of flowers.
The Lantana bush has small blooms of orange, red, and yellow or mixed varieties. Begonias often have pink or red flowers. Dianthuses have red and white blooms with variations of pink or purple in their wonderful spiky crowns, like Jesus' crown of thorns.

Tropical flora do well in the summertime environments of nearly tropical lands, but unlike tropical climes, these plants may survive winters out-of-region, only through the watchful care of loving gardeners. Hibiscuses, ferns, begonias, Caladiums, hostas, and lantanas die back in a hard freeze. However, Dianthuses can survive the coldest of the cold and the hottest of the hot. Presently, they are in full bloom.

Word Count: 366
Line Count: 20
The Prompt: "Topic #2
~ Summertime begins Wednesday, June 21, 2023,
~ Summertime Vibe
1. Flora *the plants of a particular region, habitat, or geological period.
A. What is your favorite flora?
B. Free write about Flora."

by Jay O’Toole
on June 30th, 2023

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