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Fake boobs may provide elevated glamour - a partnership poem.
Can no longer witness a failure, a funeral -
Only this society may truly seem real…
Necessity’s high - the hero in general -
The kitty cat’s nascent - an un-flaky natural. 

Love’s rude imbibing - there’s humankind’s hope.
Her ramparts now humble - he’s gifted, they cope!
Timing’s essential - he’s fitted, with slope;
The newest pride sureness - a wet one - they rope!

The boys and girls - fated - still kissing and daring.
What rolls truly steady is meant for sweet caring…
Flagship’s in peril, but babe is now sharing.
Fashion is lifted, her cans are now baring!

The clues newly doctored, the money well spent -
Beautiful agents, a truth heaven-sent.
Love for their skylights, their unyielding talent -
Pitching’s allowed, a hell of a bent!

Her silicone breasts - in motion and locking;
The couple’s involvement, so salient and rocking.
Breathless with passion, the twosome is shocking;
Landing like bolts, this pleasure re-stocking…

A unit of solace, hunger, with glamour.
Needles and sewing, cute nails for a hammer;
Vulture’s fruition - a full case of rammer…
College tuition: a tutorial slammer…

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