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faith in all of us will grow like a tree because its roots are what holds it down
Why are you lurking in the dark?
Oh like I cant see you
But I can
As you hide behind man
As you shadow creeps
For you never sleep
As you are always plotting day in and day out
Why do you think you are so slick?
However you use the same old dumb tricks
Yet you are vindictive and very slick and wicked
Now you are fucked up for no reason ugly and decieving
Yet I hate every bit of you and your legion of minions
I use to be scared of you
Well it will be a day in hell of blizzards
Before that happens again
But in the end
God will win
As I know all your scheming and plotting to be defeated
Yet the thought of you makes me cringe
Just the sound of you makes me sick to my stomach
As I hate your presents
Now you know I hold the ace
Get that through your fucking head
bitch you will never own me
You don't even have control over my soul
As you are all washed up yes uh mmmmm you are even older than father time
Yet you fear the righteous
As you laugh at everyone's past and pain and suffering
Now for who is the falling angel
Now we all know you as the master of sin
But in the end
I will be laughing because the joke will be on you
Now Jesus will triumph over the prince of lies and win
So as I spit in your fucking face
Because your a disgrace to the human race
For all eternity you will burn in hell
Now burn , baby, burn
For that is the prize you have earn
Oh its such a heavenly sight to see
For I don't believe in you and never will
Now cant you tell
That you belong in hell
Now that is where you will forever dwell
As for now rest in peace
Peace out
Lights out


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