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by Rojodi
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Oct 23 Minor Character Profiles and Changes


From Oldham and Newbury

Retired Investigator Harrison Pierce, 56
He felt that Vanessa’s death could have been avoided if he had spoken up, told her to not attend a meeting. The guilt has made him retire, but still stays close to the others and Longfellow.
Tall, a former basketball player, with a degree in American Literature along with one in Criminal Justice, the educated man can be found in bookstores or reading in cafes in and around Charlottetown.

Retired Investigator Samuel “Sam” Jefferson, 62
Forced into retirement when he finally listened to his wife and orthopedist and retired to focus on his health. Goes into the Old and New offices once a week to use their computers to assist with old cases or with something Longfellow has been cooking up.
A former deputy district attorney and former college football player, he quit being a lawyer after two years due to his need to investigate for himself. He keeps in shape by “bothering” the young gym goers and running 5-and-10Ks.

Investigator Elizabeth “Bet” Jordan, 38
The only woman working in the investigative wing of the agency, she was a close friend of Vanessa. She took her death hard. She spurred the others to assist Longfellow in any manner they could.
She knows that her natural attributes are both a blessing and curse. The curse being that she attracts far too much attention while trying to be undercover. She and Vanessa had a three month affair while both were undergrads, but kept in touch.

Investigator Steven “Steve” Woodburn, 44
He was married to a Dark family member. He is one of the more tech-savvy investigators and loves to visit the ghosts. He never comes emptyhanded when he visits the “Dark Agency”.
The only non-athlete of Longfellow’s associates. He was born and raised on a farm in rural Schoharie County, knew Longfellow’s Michaux family, and knew him and his sisters since they were children. He’s “Country strong” but paradoxically intelligent, having graduated high school at 15, from Cornell at 17 with two degrees, and received his law degree before he could legally drink. The married father of four children – two before he and his wife were 20 and two after 30 – is also the legal guardian to three nieces.

Longfellow Dark’s “Agency”

Office Manager Astrid Cawley, 50, blonde, 5’6”, curvy, mother of two
Astrid worked for Vanessa as he administrative assistant. She worked in the law offices for a few months before leaving due to her deep sadness. Longfellow came to her once he and the others brought her killer to justice to ask if she would like to work in his agency. She was hired, but immediately she was promoted to being the office manager, keeping the author part of him on track with his projects.
The former Californian knew of how the two met and their lack of secrets. She was the only person who knew of Vanessa’s submissive side, kept it from the other attorneys and investigators. She cleaned up Vanessa’s office, just in case something would bring unwanted disgrace to the late lawyer.

Secretary/Assistant Annabeth Nicholas, 28, long black hair, brown eyes, buxom, 5’4”
The “bodily blessed” woman was the best friend of his sister Regina. He’s known her since she he was in the second grade: She moved into the area and was Reggie’s classmate, often over to the house, since Annabeth was an only child. After high school, she “disappeared” for two years, reappearing at Charlottetown County Community College freshman orientation in August of 1982, where they met up. She later felt compelled to tell her story, why she left New York and only coming back in 1982, during a game of Truth or Dare.
She graduated from CCCC with a degree in Paralegal Sciences and was working at an Albany NY political office when he called to thank her for her condolences. He offered her a job, which was half her pay, but she felt it was something she needed to do.

Assistant Mary-Ellen Douglas, 26, short, auburn hair, green/gray eyes, pale skin, another buxom woman
When Longfellow her, Mary-Ellen was the girlfriend of a soccer teammate. The teammate told him that he wanted to break up with her but didn’t know the right words. Longfellow gave him the right words. She came to Longfellow at the Brownstone to bitch him out, but she realized that it was for the best. She became good, close friends with the soccer player/student. She confessed that she was also interested in women, the same ones he was seeing.
She returned to his life the Christmas before the murder. She was the secretary of his New York City publisher and joined him at lunch when he was done to discuss selling movie rights to his young adult novel series to a television production company. (He didn’t want that). She moved back to Charlottetown and was immediately hired to help with the writing part of his life.
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