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by aline
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Wrote this after my grandmother passed.

Are you listening?
Sans toi, froid est l'air
How's the sky?
Could you show me where
You are right now
Do angels sing?
Do they fill your ears
While our eyes fill with tears
Is your smile still the same
The brilliance I remember
Does your soul fill the heavens
From the ashes a glowing ember
If your light shines so bright
Could you send some down
To ease us from our plight
As we in our sorrows drown
As for me, you see
It's impossible to believe
That you're gone.
How do birds fall from the clouds?
Wings trimmed, weak limbs
How is your silence so loud?
My god, you were everything
And I'm not talking in terms of bling
Authenticity is hard to find these days
But you implanted it in me in so many ways
You didn't deserve to see the world like this
Lord, you fought so hard
The inequalities to discard
Matriarch supreme
You came out of the womb yelling
"Down with the patriarchy!"
You believed in a better world
You believed that peace could unfurl
So how is it fair
That you lost your hair
When there are so many out there
Who don't actually care?
Although my sorrows in time will age
I know you will never be erased
And with it the overdose of rage
Your pieces left behind, your memory
It's the closest thing I know to eternity
That's you Memes: forever here
In all the hearts of those who
Hold you dear
Therefore, how could I fear?
If I know the breeze whipping my hair
Is you whispering in my ears
You're infinite, can't you see?
You're here,
Living in me.

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