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Primary and Secondary colors meet on a play date - What could go wrong?
It's not what you know but hue.

         On a bright, colorful day on the palette, the Primary children, Ronda, Brian, and Yancey, the youngest, were playing with their closest neighbors, Grover, Paul, and Ophelia. During their games, Ronda suggested they play Spin the Brush.

         "We can't play that. That's for older colors. We're too fresh." Lamented Ophelia.

         "Don't be the odd color out, Ophelia, like you always are." Scolded Paul.

         "Do you want to play, Paul?" Asked Ronda, batting her eyes shyly.

         "I'll play, Ronda." Offered Grover wistfully under his breath so no one heard him.

         "Ronda, you know I don't like you flirting with anyone. It's rude." Brian stated abruptly, looking right at her.

         "Let Ronda be. It's a free palette, Brian." Joked Paul.

         "It is still wrong, and if anyone does it, I will tell." Announced Ophelia.

         "it you tell Ophelia, I will share with everyone who you let go to first brush stroke with." Stated Yancey.

         "You promised, Yancey, that you would never tell anyone. You swore on the Mighty Bristle Swear, too." Cried Ophelia.

         "I had my brushes crossed", smirked Yancey.          

         "So are we playing or not?" Implored Grover.
         "Well, Ophelia, are we playing, or am I telling?

         "We're playing."

         Ronda gave Paul a sideways smile while making sure Brian didn't see.

         "I'll spin first." Announced Yancey. And before anyone could protest, she spun the brush. Everyone's eyes were fixated on the spinning brush as it revolved around the white canvas before stopping in front of. . "

         "Yahoo, that's me!" Grover cheered. "Pucker up, Princess!" He closed his eyes in anticipation.

         Not to be seen as a wet brush, Yancey plants a damp kiss on Grover, leaving her wet lip print on his cheek.

         Opening his eyes with an exuberant smile, Grover excitedly stated, "My turn to spin the brush."

         He licked his lips expectantly as he spun the brush, looking around the circle at his potential kiss-ees."

         As the brush began to slow, it looked like it would land on Ronda; however, it slowly went by and stopped on Paul.

         "Forget it, Grover, those lips aren't even coming anywhere near me. I would rather be rubbed with turpentine." Threatened Paul.

         "Ooooo - color burn!" Brian said with a laugh. "That had to hurt coming from one of your own."

         "Don't worry, Paul. I will kiss you. I am sure no one would mind." Offiered Yancey, looking straight at Ronda. She then went over and gave Paul a slow kiss, drawing out the time to three full heartbeats.

         "That wasn't so bad, now was it?" Asked Yancey.

         Paul smiled and said, "I'm ready for seconds anytime. Now I believe its my turn. You ready, Ronda? This is for you." Paul nonchalantly spun the brush as hard as he could without moving it from its place.

         Ronda watched the brush spin and caught herself holding her breath, anticipating its stopping point. As it began to slow, she couldn't bear to watch any longer and shut her eyes. When she heard two gasps, she opened them and saw everyone looking at Brian. She turned to see him looking at the brush. She quickly looked down and saw the brush tip pointed at her.

         "Well, we both are lucky this spin, Ronda." Paul says quietly as he begins to walk over. "This will be over, and it will be your spin before you know it. Of course, it won't be unforgettable or regrettable."

         When Paul was next to Ronda, he slowly moved a strand of her hair out of the way, tenderly cupping her chin with his right hand and kissing her very slowly. When he moves back, she closes her eyes for a few moments, then opens them slowly. Her red complexion turned a brighter crimson, and then she turned away.

         Suddenly interrupting the quiet, Yancey states, "Well, that was different. I believe it is now Ronda's turn to spin the brush. I doubt we see anything as steamy as the last kiss, but you never know. Your spin, Ronda, dear."

         Instead of speaking, Ronda halfheartedly spun the brush. It made approximately ten revolutions before stopping on Ophelia.

         "Now, this will be interesting everyone. Ophelia, dear, your turn for the kiss. This will be much easier than you thought, don't you think?"

         "Why do you pick on her so? We wish you weren't obnoxious and better behaved, Yancey," observed Brian.

         Feigning being hurt, Yancey states, "You're smearing me. I am only looking out for everyone. Ophelia considers most kissing unladylike unless there is a chaperone. I will be the chaperone for her on this occasion, so her dignity is not impuned. Ronda, you may kiss her lightly, only on the left cheek.

         "Being confused by what she was witnessing, Ronda did as she was told and began to kiss Ophelia on the left cheek. Ophelia was startled when she placed her hand on her shoulder to steady herself, and they accidentally kissed on the lips. Ophelia turned the color of the setting sun, turned away, and hid her face. Ronda tried apologizing, but Yancey shook her head, so Ronda let it go.

         "Well', began Brian, "It is now obvious Ophelia and myself are the last ones left so there is no use spinning. Yancey, please watch over this according to her wishes." Brian then walks over to Ophelia, looks her in the eyes and, instead of on the cheek, kisses her on the lips. Two, four, seven, ten seconds go by, and eventually, the kiss is broken with Ophelia's eyes still closed and lips still pursed as if still kissing."

         "That, boys and girls, is how a kiss is done." Announced Brian

         "The kisses you have all shared is an ancient spell of multiplication. Soon, we will be reproducing hundreds of colors other than our own. These will be called Hues and make us a force to be reckoned with."



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