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A ton of risk-taking is not for everyone - remain curious, cautious, & armed - a poem.
A solution for the ages -
Opportunity knocks once in a while. 

A lot of hope amid hardship
And uncertainty -
Making a bold decision;
With a triumphant faith and a healthy,
Willing, and credible concern.
Rolling the dice with a coy smile;
A deliberate attempt achieves 
Appropriate promise
And a fair and just conclusion -
For the skittish climax to unfold;
In actionable, exclusive ways…

The inner child’s fire burns hot -
Unhidden, veritable, and unrestrained.
With a primordial taste
For enduring the unexpected.

The collection of choices beckon
A solvent reality -
A series of inclement discourses
Splays unadulterated
Towards mindful parlays
Of efficacy;
All the information
And control-seeking concepts advised
The suitor to take this auspicious turn
Of playmaking and planning -
Ultimately, a well-timed break
Coupled with exceptional experiential talent
Confides a gifted surge. 

And those fine and godly exceptions.

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