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The day you left me...
Now, you are gone.

The leaves were dancing in the small breeze. The sun was bright. That was the afternoon you came home.

I followed you in the bedroom. You were awake, your eyes were clearly scrutinizing me. I asked you, then: did you come home, to leave me? Of course, you did not answer me. Instead, you turned to your side and faced my side of the bed. But I was not there. I was on your side of the bed; clearly asking questions that did not seem to bother you.

Nevertheless, I walked over to my side of the bed. Your eyes were wide open. But your lips were quiet; not a word from you. You just looked at me, your lips unmoving. I looked at you, wondered why you did not want to say a word. Were you sobbing? My heart was empty; my lips were silent. I stared at your face. You were just staring. Your lips were pressed close. No word from you. Just a look of horror in your eyes.

I sat on the side of the bed. I just wanted to cry. My heart was heavy with tears. I did not want to cry. I just stared. My heart was torn; heavy with tears that refuse to mellow.

And then...

In the early morning sun, you turned to me. Not a word from your lips. Just a look of desperation. I could no longer keep my silence. I burst into tears.

And then you were gone.

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