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by Punji
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This poem captures the emotional journey of loss, and the struggle to let go of memories.
As the days have been passing by,
Your face is being more and more clearer.
Everytime I tried to forget you,
You became more precious.

The more I talked with others,
The more I was reminded of her.
The more I try to lock away my memories,
The more her face becomes clearer.

I was happy to be around others
But Her absence made a hole
The more the time passes,
The more her absence hurts.

I tried countless times To forget,
My days which had your memories.
But I started to get scared,
When Your memories became hazy.

Fear of forgetting,
As well as the fear of your loss,
The burden of those joyful moments,
I don't know what I am scared of.

The night glooms of silence,
But your memories still noisy.
The time keeps on passing,
But my heart refuses to forget.

Do I wish to carry on?
Or do I wish to forget?
What to do with these memories?
When I will still end up in pain.

Your memories remains,
In my void of thoughts.
A haunting echo of a love once kind,
A memory that never withers.
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