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A gift from the past
Samantha sat at her favorite spot by the window, her fingers twisting a strand of her long, chestnut hair absentmindedly. The old wooden desk in front of her was cluttered with crumpled pieces of paper, each one a discarded attempt at the story she was trying to write.

She had always loved stories. As a child, she would lose herself in books, traveling to far-off lands and meeting characters who felt as real as her friends. Now, as an aspiring writer, she wanted to create her own worlds, her own characters. But today, the words just wouldn't come.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, letting the sound of the rain and the cool breeze from the slightly open window wash over her. When she opened them again, she saw a small, folded piece of paper tucked under a book. Curious, she pulled it out and unfolded it carefully.

It was a note from her grandmother, written in a shaky but familiar script: "Dear Sam, whenever you feel stuck, remember that stories are like life. They have their ups and downs, twists and turns. Don’t be afraid to write the messy parts. Love, Nana."

Samantha felt a warm glow spread through her chest. She remembered how her grandmother used to tell her stories every night before bed, weaving magic with her words. That memory gave her the push she needed. She picked up her pen and began to write, letting the words flow freely, not worrying about perfection.

As the rain continued to fall outside, Samantha's story took shape on the paper. It was imperfect, but it was hers. And that was enough.
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