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5 days package tour.
After my trip to Turkey (2016), I was traveling alone for a long time. It was refreshing to know that it was a 5-night package trip to Thailand.
After completing the simple formalities, I left Incheon Airport around 5pm and arrived at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport after a flight of about 4-5 hours, but this time I had to find a guide.
With the help of the friendly airport staff, we met our future guides and members, and the next day's trip began.

Day 2: Bangkok → Pattaya
Highlights: Watt Pho Temple, take a boat ride to the Chaolayaya River, Dawn Temple and floating houses, and JTC tour, night market tour, see the Colosseum show.

The next morning, I walked around the hotel, but it was the rainy season, and I was not used to the heat and humidity. But it was amazing to see the city of Bangkok.
When the time came, we all gathered in groups and went around the Watt Pho Temple with a Thai guide. And as you know, Thailand is a place of Southern Buddhism, so it was very similar to Korean Buddhist buildings, and the building was unique.
One of the most important features of Watt Pho Temple is the giant reclining Buddha statue. If you look at the internet, you can see how big and huge it is. You can also buy change according to your own convenience, so bring your own change.

After we visited Watt Pho Temple, took a boat ride around the Chao Phraya River. The river was surrounded by temples and houses, which was beautiful, but the water quality was very poor. All kinds of domestic sewage flowed into the river, and the pollution was severe.
But it was rewarded with a visit to the Temple of Dawn and other flooting houses.

After lunch, we arrived in Pattaya in about 4 hours, and unlike the capital Bangkok, Pattaya felt something colorful.
We went to a traditional Thai massage experience for about 2 hours, and it was different. I fell asleep and my body relaxed.
Had a massage, we went to JTC(Jewelry Trade Center). As normal people can go to 6th floor but we got special approval. So we reached 58th floor and looked around many jeweries
After had dinner, and then went to see the night market tour and bought some souvenirs. And then watched the Colosseum show. They entertained audiences with various performances and songs.

Day 3: Pattaya
Highlights: Floating market, elephant ride, sightseeing Golden Cliff Temple, sunset cruise yacht.

As usual, while looking around the hotel, I saw a small doll shop next to the hotel, and I went back with a travel colleague to visit the doll shop. Although one child was interested in Thai dolls, but she didn't like them, so I just looked at them. Instead, I walked with a colleague and got to know the shops around the hotel.
After breakfast, we headed straight to Pattaya's largest floating market.

When we arrived at the floating market, we took a quick photo and went inside the shade to view the floating market because of the heat and humidity from above.
According to the guide, there was a fire before, but it has not yet fully recovered from it, so it is operating in an incomplete state.
But beware of rip-offs. If you're lucky, you might even be able to reduce a price.

After leaving the floating market, we arrive at the Khaocheechan Elephant Village, where elephants are protected and rehabilitated.
I went on a once-in-a-lifetime elephant ride here. Of course, the elephant listens to the trainer very well, but as it walks, it rocks back and forth, from side to side, so I had to hold on tightly to the chair.
Originally, it was a two-for-one group, but I sat alone and held on tightly to the chair so that I wouldn't fall off.
For reference, 20 baht for elephant feed (bananas) and 3 baht ($1) for the photo.

Following the elephant trek, the next stop we visited was the Golden Cliff Temple.
The Buddha carved on the mountain is very big. Big and grand. Therefore, it was understandable that the soldiers were guarding it. Following the elephant trek, the next stop we visited was the Golden Cliff Temple. The Buddha carved on the mountain is very big. It's big and grand. Therefore, it was understandable that the soldiers were guarding it.

After seeing the cliff temple, we took a double-decker cruise yacht and went out to sea to enjoy.
Singing with each other, eating food, swimming... It was a lot of fun. It was a pity that time went by quickly.

The last course was a Thai spa experience.
The massage was just as good. The warm stone was wrapped in a cloth, dipped in lye, and then applied to the skin, and it felt very good.

Day 4: Pattaya → Bangkok
Highlights: Rock Park and Crocodile Farm, Farm Visit, Shopping Sightseeing (Bangkok)

As I walked around the hotel, we met the owner of a doll shop and greeted each other with a smile. Well, we got to know each other.
And I saw the sea in front of the hotel, and although the weather was cloudy, it was worth seeing. If the weather had been clear, it would have been a little more pleasant, but beyond that, it's greed.

After breakfast, we visited the Million Year Old Rock Park and the Crocodile Farm, which was awesome.
It was literally a park of strange rock formations. They also raised crocodiles on a crocodile farm and put on a show, with commentary in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and English, and a dangerous and dizzying performance.
It was dangerous, but worth seeing.

We had lunch at a Korean restaurant with a tropical fruit plantation, and after lunch, we ate tropical fruits (mango, pineapple, dragon fruit, etc.) in a neighboring building, and encountered a shower while resting.
Luckily, I wasn't hit directly because I was in the building, but the amount of rain was great.

After our tour of Pattaya was finished, we headed to Bangkok, where we had some free shopping in Asiatique.
However, it was a pity to part ways with the colleagues who had been with me until then.

Inner stress among Thais:
According to the guide, Thais always enjoy the world with fun and dancing to "Carpe diem", but well...
The TV channels I watched were saying something else. Once you take away the Thai and European broadcasts, it was left with Chinese CCTV, Japan's NHK English version, Korean dramas and Pakistani drama channels.
Because of the Korean Wave affecting the whole world, it made sense to have a Korean drama channel. It was clear that the pressure from China, India and Pakistan was stressing the Thai people inside. You'll be able to get it out of the way with excitement and drinking, but that kind of reluctance won't go away easily.
Especially when you think about Thailand's past history.
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