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A grandmother brings a pony to the birthday party.

The air was filled with the infectious giggles of children, all of them sharing in the warmth of the moment. Clowns danced around Kaia, and through the din of the party, Kaia's distinct laugh could be heard, the sound so vibrant, like a cherished melody.

The birthday party was winding down, but one more gift was coming. Thinking about that little horse prancing up the driveway made my heart race. I could picture the excitement in Kaia's brown eyes as she looked upon the pony she'd been begging for since her last birthday.

I stepped into the middle of the fray. "Okay, children, line up. It's time for the big surprise."

The children, their faces a mix of excitement and curiosity, scrambled to form a long line, their eagerness palpable in the air.

A flash of memory hit, and I was at my childhood birthday party; kids were running everywhere, and a miniature pony made a grand entrance, giving everyone a great surprise. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, basking in that one memory when all was right with the world.

"Granny," Kaia cried. "Look, there's a purple pony!"

I reached for her hand, and we made our way down the driveway.

"Well, he's not exactly purple," I said.

"A purple saddle, a purple harness, he's glowing purple!"

The sun's rays illuminated its white coat, and a purple aura surrounded the animal. How could I argue with that? She did have a point.

"Oh, Mom, you didn't," my daughter said.

I turned and smiled. "It's tradition; one day, you'll do the same thing for Kaia's daughter."

She leaned in toward me and whispered. "Minus the clowns. You know how I hate the clowns!"

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