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"Through the Night's Struggle, Dawn's Promise"
In the quiet hours of the night, we wrestle with our fears,
Tomorrow's promise lingers, yet today's pain still sears.
Each dawn brings a fresh beginning, a chance to try once more,
But the weight of endless struggles makes our spirits sore.

In every heart, a battle rages, unseen by judging eyes,
Life's burdens heavy, troubles deep, beneath the sunny skies.
With every step, we soldier on, though weary and unsure,
Yet the path seems ever winding, an endless, harsh allure.

In the depths of our despair, where hope is hard to find,
We cling to fleeting moments, to memories left behind.
For life's a tumultuous journey, fraught with trials and tears,
But through it all, we persevere, despite our darkest fears.

So let us not forget the struggles that we face each day,
For in the midst of chaos, we find strength in some small way.
And though life may seem unbearable, with pain at every turn,
We rise again, resilient souls, with lessons yet to learn.
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