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Related to, in some manner, the song, A Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay.
A Sky Full of Stars

On the eve of midnight could be seen, if one looked close enough, and knew where to look, the birthplace of Itca Cocha Sa Na.

          Here, where two figures presently sat, warming their hands over a fire, on the bank of the Tug Fork of The Big Sandy River, was the only viewing point.

         The man, Itca Cocha Sa Na, or He Who Walks on the Sand, was singing. The boy, Sa Na Jaster, whom some spoke of as Sand Jumper, listened. The two gazed toward the far stars as the man sang.


"I walked on the sand, away from her. How I long to kiss her lips.

         "On a night such as this, my heart speaks of her. Hold her in my arms, whisper sweet my loves, and walk beside her once more, I long to.

         "But I was a fool, and walked away on the sand.

         "Oh, carry me back to her, to the one in whose heart my spirit lies."


On the top of the visible stars, a woman gazes down as she prays, "Oh Lord, carry him back to me, across the path of sand, the one in whose arms I long to be."

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