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Laughing at the Moon
Laughing at the Moon


the Bangkok Hash House Harriers
the infamous drinking club
with a running problem

gathered together every full moon
to stage a full moon hash

running through the streets
of suburban and rural parts
of Bangkok

then going into town
to finish toasting the moon
at their hangout

the Cosmos Club
on Soi Cowboy

they would go outside
laughing at the full moon
shined down on them

and then they would turn
into fake werewolves,

and howling at the moon
who laughed back at them,


“Foolish humans
Do you think that is funny
laughing at the moon Goddess?”

"Laughing at the Moon"

Also, please choose "Comedy" as one of your genres.

Note: back in the day I used to hash enjoying the running, the companionship, the wacky NSFW humor, and drinking too. But those days are long gone.

The Cosmos Bar is a composite of the expat bars in Bangkok. There was a real Cosmos Bar back in the day.
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