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With her, I hold the universe
You are the sun,
the moon,
and the stars to me,
you are the lyric in our
symphonic rhapsody.
In your eyes,
I see
the universe unfold
In your arms, I find
a love untold.

You're my melody,
my harmony,
my song.
With you, my dear,
is where I belong.
In the dance
of life,
it's you I hold,
Our love story,
the greatest ever told.

You are the rhythm
that beats
in my heart.
You're the masterpiece,
the finest art.
With every breath
and every sigh,
with every word,
it's your voice,
the sweetest I've ever heard.

You're my sunrise,
my sunset.
My day
With you, everything
just falls into place.
In the symphony
of life,
it's you I see.
Our love, the perfect

And through the highs,
through the lows,
through the in-between,
in your love, I've found
meanings unseen.
With every word,
every note,
with every rhyme,
our love transcends,
beyond space and time.

So here's to us,
under the moon's
soft glow
and a love that
continues to grow.
You're the sun,
the moon,
the stars above.
You're the lyric
in this symphonic love.
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