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Robert is caught in a lie
Tara picked up the phone. "Good morning. Robert's Auto Shop."

"Tell them I'm not here," Robert called out.

Tara's heart sank as she picked up the phone. The weight of the lie she was about to tell pressed heavily on her. She despised this part of her job, the part that required her to deceive customers. And it was even worse when Robert, her boss, was so brazen in the background that the person on the line would immediately know she was covering for him.

"Can I speak to Robert?"

"I'm sorry, he's on a test drive," Tara lied, her voice strained. She couldn't help but feel guilty for involving the innocent customer in their office drama.

"When will he be back?" the customer asked.

Tara turned her chair and faced her boss, who was very much in the building. "He should be back in about ten minutes."

Robert glared at her and loudly whispered. "You should tell them I'm not here today."

Tara quickly put her hand over the receiver, praying the customer didn't hear his remark.

"I'll call back in ten." The customer hung up. Tara hung up and stood from her desk.

"You know, if you expect me to lie for you, the least you could do is be quiet when I'm on the phone lying."

Robert laughed. "They can't hear me anyway."

"Wanna bet?" Tara challenged.

Just then, Robert jumped up from his desk as a car pulled in front of the bay door.

"Shit. He's here," he muttered.

"Who's here?"

Robert tried ducking around the corner by her desk to hide. "The guy from the phone call. I forgot to order his parts, and he thinks his car will be worked on today."

Tara laughed. That's what you get for lying.

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