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My opinion is that life is priceless, death is something we all will experience eventually
Twilight, my shadows playing upon the wall.
As the sun sets for a time.
She is shining on elsewhere.
The streetlights sadly come on, as the air cools.
And the breeze continues to groan.

Opinions, we all have them in mind.
In the pursuit of our dreams.
Often, we offend others,
By twisting all of the common rules,
Seeking to enslave and remain in control.

My heart thankfully is still beating.
Giving me another chance.
To confront all of the BS in life,
And try to even the score.

Daytime will eventually come back around.
Life will again give us a chance.
Will we remember the past?
Forgiveness, practiced shall lead us to peace,
And unity would then set us free.

The embers of our lives shall be renewed.
The fractures caused by indifference,
Will lose their hold through love.
Hate then will be set aside,
Becoming history, for all time.

Set us free, let us save our humanity.
Let’s make hate history,
And set aside twisting all the rules.
So, Humanity will secure its place.
And set to memory, the mistakes of the past.

Death would then be put in its place.
Life’s a priceless gift,
That shines brighter than any star.
Would then once again be cherished,
And the circle of life would be renewed.
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