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Is mankind really free as we see it? Is freedom attainable for us?


I asked what freedom is?

You said," Like the bird soaring through the skies with its wings spread freely, that is freedom". But is the bird free when it's in the sky?

Even though it moves in the sky, the wind dominates there

The same bird must land to find food

In that case hunger is a chain that stops the bird from enjoying its freedom

Now I asked you another question,

Are humans free when they get loads of money?

You said "yes, because you are able to do what you want and move as you want"

I smiled and you asked what my thoughts were.

Freedom for humans is an illusion

It seems to be reachable but remote

You think freedom is about having loads of money

Wait until the anxiety of maintaining that level of wealth enslaves you to work harder

When you gain loads of money that could last you and your generation for centuries

The anxiety of spending enough before your death enslaves you, till you die

Where is the freedom after wealth?

In Religion, Freedom is attained after confiding in your deity, and following his ways

Christians receive blessings, and are obligated not to sin

Failure to abide distances you from the Supreme Being

Is that freedom?

The bible tells Christians, "For your will has been handed to you, whether you choose the right or wrong"

Wrong comes with a punishment

Good comes with a reward

You've been giving a choice but is that really freedom?

Freedom is like the stars in night sky

We sleep under the night sky admiring all night

We stretch our hands like we can reach it

But all we do is wish we can reach it someday

How nice it is when peeped from the ground

But in all it will be unattainable

That is the reality of freedom to humans

Regardless of how nice we imagine it to be

Humans can never be free


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