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People are so insensitive nowadays. We want smiley faces and feel bothered otherwise.
You want a smile? I got that.
No, maybe a hello I'm great thank you. I got that too.
See it no longer carries that intent.
Don't ask how I'm doing, you don't wanna know,
Is it the tear on my eye or the tear on my cloth that got you confused?
It might be the onions, or a slit, it's fashion I hear.
We do roses and hide the thorns. We sell that.
Actually there's a new one with red petals.
One that never withers. You heard of that?
The characters are now alive, it's not in the screens anymore, we are them..
The psychopaths that smile, the serial killers that are skeptic and lovers. We are them.
I hear the sun is a star playing pretend too.
Ha! How great!
Dawn and dusk, we can't tell the difference.
One and the same in sight. Inside, we need to look inside, but, who has the time for that right?
It's either you are social or smiling, or have the perfect picture, or the fun video,
no chance for introvercy, that's no way to live.
Let's play pretend😊
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